5 Tips To Customize Your Kansas City Wedding Reception

5 tips to customize your Kansas city wedding reception from Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment.

Good people and great moments! That’s what really makes a Kansas City wedding reception and ceremony memorable and an amazing time. Sure, guests will marvel at the lavish décor and enjoy the delectable food, but they will really remember how much fun they had. Make your wedding a celebration no one will stop talking about with these five tips:

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Choreographed Wedding First Dance

The wedding day centers around the in-love couple, but a first dance performance gives them even more of the spotlight. That’s why some couples seek out the assistance of a dance instructor to help them prepare. A choreographed dance not only helps the most inexperienced and less than graceful dancer(s) appear more relaxed on the dance floor, it creates a special memory for the invited guests. Besides helping you to become a better and more relaxed dancer, the cost of a choreographer will not take a huge bite out of your wedding budget.

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Breakaway Bouquet

Bring good luck to more than one single gal (and prevent a potential hair-pulling tug-of-war) with a breakaway bouquet. A breakaway bouquet separates midflight into smaller, individual mini-bouquets that several lucky lady guests can catch. Design a floral bridal bouquet for walking down the aisle during the ceremony, but then use a special arrangement of stem flowers for the breakaway bouquet toss. Cream, peach and blush-colored mini calla lilies will do the trick. And hey, don’t forget to pick the perfect bouquet toss song to add to the excitement.

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Offbeat and Personalized Wedding Music

Some couples want to break away from the traditional wedding music, even for the ceremony. As a certified, Wedding Entertainment Director®, I remind couples that there are no rules when it comes to weddings. I also recommend that if a couple wants non-traditional music for their wedding ceremony, they should try to pick a signature band. A fellow WED® and WED Guild president Liz Daley, an Accredited Bridal Consultant with The Association of Bridal Consultants, shared how one of her wedding couples chose hits from the band “Queen”  for every song of the ceremony—”Crazy Thing Called Love” for the bridesmaids entrance and “You’re My Best Friend” for the bridal entrance. I’ve worked with couples who chose music ranging from “Pink Floyd” to show tunes to accent their cocktail hour and dinner time.

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Bride and Groom Signature Drink

Many wedding receptions are limited to an open bar of beer and wine. To mix it up, try creating a bride and groom signature drink or serving the drink shared on their first date to make the occasion even more special. Does the groom love Moscow Mules spiked with vodka and ginger flair? Is the bride’s favorite cocktail a Cosmopolitan bursting with cranberry and lime flavors? Then make these special drinks the intoxicating highlight of the evening affair. Cheers!

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Surprise Bride and Groom Last Dance

As the guests of honor, the bride and groom can conclude their celebration with a wedding last dance song that invites friends and family to join them on the dance floor. Drinks in hand, arm in arm—a circle of loved ones blissfully swaying back and forth singing along to a favorite song creates an unforgettable special memory.

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For additional tips and advice on how to customize your wedding, check out my series of articles “5 Elements of An Extraordinary Wedding Reception.”

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