ABC 2020 Wedding Confidential Via Kansas city Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

ABC’s 20/20 Airs “Wedding Confidential” Friday, January 18

For the past 3 years, I’ve attended the Wedding MBA in Vegas with about 2000 other wedding pro’s from across the country and around the world. The Wedding MBA is a wedding business owner’s conference that focuses on best business practices and exceeding Bride’s expectations. Sessions also include updates of the latest trends, fashions, colors, decor and[…]

Young Boy Marries Santa's Daughter

Boy Grows Up To Marry Santa’s Daughter 13 Years Later

(Photo: Liz Burd via Good Morning America) We all have stories to tell about spending Christmas with family. But imagine for a moment that your father-in-law was  Santa Claus. Well, maybe not the real Santa Claus but a mall Santa who you had your photo taken with 13 years earlier as a child before growing[…]

Starbucks, Courtship & Love. The Perfect Wedding Blend.

I love visiting my neighborhood Starbucks. My sense of smell goes into overdrive when I walk through the door and am overcome with the heavenly aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Even my taste buds do a little dance when I step up to the counter to order my favorite drink, “I’ll have a grande, extra[…]

ADJA National Conference Hosts “Disney’s 3 Keys…”

“Disney’s 3 Keys To Success & Your Wedding DJ Business” returns to Las Vegas Nevada, for the American Disc Jockey Association National Conference, September 12th-14th, 2011, at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. “Disney’s 3 Keys To Success & Your Wedding DJ Business” will be featured at the ADJA National Conference on Monday, September 12th, 2011, at[…]

Mother & Son Wedding Dance Song: “The First Lady In My Life”

Finding a Mother & Son Wedding Dance song for a Kansas City wedding receptions with lyrics that are specifically related to the special relationship a son has with his mother is rare. It’s safe to say that there are a variety of traditional, Mother & Son Dance songs with emotional appeal. As a wedding DJ this past weekend,[…]

Jennifer Darmon & Mike Belawitz Celebrate A Wedding Dream Come True

Every wedding is, in some fashion or another, a fairy tale come true for Kansas City Brides & Grooms. But, for newlyweds Jennifer Darmon & Mike Belawitz, their Detroit wedding ceremony this past Saturday, April 16th, 2011, brought a fairy tale dream to life!  From ABC Jennifer Darmon walked down the aisle on her[…]

Surprise Wedding

Erik Marksberry & Krista Tischler hired a good friend of mine and fellow Wedding Entertainment Director™, Bill Hermann, to orchestrate a surprise wedding on their family and friends. The guests believed that the couple had been married, just hours before at the IDS center in downtown Minneapolis, MN. But, an actor was hired to inform everyone[…]