Wedding Reception Surprise Wedding Dance By Sunjay Mathews To One Direction Hit, "What Makes You Beautiful."

Wedding Surprise: Groom & His Buddies Dance To One Direction

Not too many guys would ever admit to listening to the British boy band, One Direction. However, a Montreal groom, Sunjay Mathews, not only let it be known he liked their music, he got together a group of his friends and choreographed a special, surprise dance for his bride, Katie, at their August 25, 2012, wedding reception. Mathews and four[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: A Video Montage

Enjoy a video montage of just a few couples that have invited us to celebrate their happiness! Over 1000 couples have counted on us for an unforgettably fun, Kansas City wedding reception! Over 1000 times, we’ve exceeded expectations! Related Posts:Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: 10 Tips For Giving Wedding Toasts and Wedding SpeechesUnforgettably Fun[…]