Planning Your Kansas City Wedding Reception With Attention To Detail From Wedding Expert Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 2

Welcome to part two of the five-part article, “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.” In part one you learned the secret of “M-A-G-I-C” and the importance of engaging your wedding guests early in your wedding reception with fun and entertaining moments that create lasting memories. In part two, you’ll discover the value of[…]

Kansas City Wedding Reception Tips & Advice For Creating An Extraordinary Celebration

5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 1

Ask anyone to tell you their most vivid memory of the last Kansas City wedding reception they attended. Chances are that a majority of the people you ask will struggle to come up with one. So much of that has to do with how routine wedding receptions have become. Everything is done in the same[…]

Kansas City Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, 13 Apps To Make Kansas City Wedding Planning Easy

Kansas City Wedding Planning | 13 Apps To Make It Easier

Planning a Kansas City wedding? It should come as no surprise…there’s an app for that! Actually, there are a number of apps available to make the process of planning for your wedding reception and wedding ceremony a bit easier and a lot more organized. A few weeks ago we shared an article “Bride Survey: Social[…]

Free Kansas City Wedding DJ , Wedding Planning Checklist

Enjoy Our FREE Kansas City Wedding Planning Checklist

A large number of couples get engaged during the holidays. Now that you’ve said “Yes!” it’s time to begin planning for your Kansas City wedding ceremony and reception. For some, the process of planning and selecting knowledgeable and passionate wedding professionals, including an entertaining  Kansas City wedding DJ, to join your team can be intimidating[…]

Wedding Day Transportation

It is important to consider transportation for you bridal party on your wedding day. From traveling to and from venues and making various pit stops for photos, it will be much easier on everyone to travel together.  There are a wide variety of vehicles that are commonly considered for wedding day transportation. You can narrow[…]

Kansas City DJ Wedding Tips For Setting A Wedding Budget From Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

The Dreaded Wedding Budget | What Are Your Priorities?

The dreaded, “determining the wedding budget” (DTWB) discussion is not an easy conversation for some brides and grooms to have. But, before you start writing checks or swiping your credit card, a budget is a necessity. The good news is that the discussion of budgets doesn’t need to be scary. As you begin the wedding[…]

How Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?

When you begin looking at locations for your wedding reception, make sure to take note of each space’s dance floor size. The size of the floor you should have is dependent on the number of guests attending your reception. You don’t want the floor to be too big to where it seems empty, or too[…]

Collaboration | Key To Creating Kansas City Wedding Magic

Collaboration. It’s a trait that engaged couples rarely consider while assembling their wedding team. Most Brides & Grooms-to-be look only at a wedding professional’s individual talent and skills before reserving their services. But, when it comes to planning a wedding reception, two, three or even four heads are always better than one. If you really[…]

Almost every Kansas City wedding reception includes at least one wedding toast from the Best Man, Maid of Honor and/ or parents. Don't dread the task of writing or presenting a wedding toast. Here's a few wedding toast tips, tricks and some advice from Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, to make the task simple and memorable.

Giving A Memorable Wedding Toast | Tips, Tricks & Advice

If you’ve been asked to deliver a wedding toast or speech at a Kansas City wedding reception, you’ve also been handed an excellent opportunity to shine and to create a lasting memory for the Bride & Groom and their family and friends. There’s no need to dread the task of writing or presenting your wedding toast,[…]

What A Kansas City Wedding DJ Does Poster

Wonder What A Wedding DJ Really Does? Here’s A Glimpse!

Ever wonder what a skilled wedding DJ really does? Yes, we play music. But, behind the scenes the most proficient DJ professionals do far more. We assure the well-being of the couples who entrust us with their special day while remaining focused on a steadfast commitment to bring them an unforgettably fun wedding reception. My friend,[…]