Kansas City Wedding Reception Tips & Advice For Creating An Extraordinary Celebration

5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 1

Ask anyone to tell you their most vivid memory of the last Kansas City wedding reception they attended. Chances are that a majority of the people you ask will struggle to come up with one. So much of that has to do with how routine wedding receptions have become. Everything is done in the same[…]

Kansas City Wedding Receptions: There Are No Rules!

A few days ago I met with a happily engaged couple to discuss their upcoming Kansas City wedding reception. During the course of our conversation, they told me that they would like to perform their first dance right after they are introduced. When I asked why, they told me “so we can get it out[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: Trading Your Guests “A Kiss For A Kiss”

From the moment Zach and Kellie Strube began planning for their wedding reception at the Doubletree Hotel in Overland Park, KS, they were focused on having fun. They wanted to include wedding reception activities that would assure that their guests would have a great time from the second they walked through the ballroom door. Zach & Kellie enthusiastically[…]