Fresh Music For Kansas City Wedings, "We're Good Together" By Cathy Heller.

Fresh Wedding Music | “We’re Good Together” By Cathy Heller

I love stumbling across a new or overlooked song that includes an element of fun or romance. These small discoveries can often times offer a bride and groom and their guests the opportunity to enjoy fresh music that has been rarely if ever heard at a Kansas City wedding reception in the past. I recently heard a song by[…]

Kansas City DJ, ron ruth Wedding Entertainment, believes "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors is an upbeat option to the traditional, overplayed wedding first dance song or wedding entrance music at Kansas City wedding receptions.

New Wedding Music: “Best Day Of My Life” By American Authors

Looking for an upbeat wedding first dance song or wedding entrance music that not only expresses your happiness for marrying the love of your life but hasn’t been played to death at every other wedding reception? Then “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors might just be the song for you. With “Best Day Of My Life,” released in early[…]

Kansas City Wedding DJ, Wedding First Dance Music, "+1" By Andreas Moe

Fresh Wedding First Dance Song | “+1” By Andreas Moe

If you’re still looking for the perfect wedding first dance song that hasn’t been played to death or just the right wedding music for your walk down the aisle, we’d like to point you to a fresh and super-sweet acoustic tune titled “+1” by Swedish singer and songwriter, Andreas Moe.  The song is included on the soundtrack[…]

Wedding Music | Billboard Top 100, 2011 Charts

Wedding Music & Songs | Billboard Top 100 Music Chart 2011

Looking for the most popular wedding music & songs for your Kansas City wedding reception? Billboard has tallied its Top 100 Songs for 2011.  Wedding DJs in Kansas City, like Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, added many, if not all, of these songs to their wedding music & song playlists for wedding receptions this past year. A number of the[…]

Classy Updated Remakes Of Classic Wedding Songs

As a Kansas City wedding DJ,  its can be said with certainty that original versions of classic wedding songs, recorded by the vocalists that made those songs famous, will add style to any wedding reception. But, there are a number of beautifully updated & modern remakes of those classics songs, sung by today’s most popular artists, that can give a[…]

Wedding Music Shapes Emotions

I know the emotional impact music can have on our lives. As a wedding DJ in Kansas City, MO & KS, I experience it at wedding receptions every weekend. Music touches us in our personal and public lives. Whether music is setting a party vibe that energizes, or instilling a romantic mood as a couple[…]