Kansas City Wedding Etiquette | Sending A Proper “Thank You”

Writing thank you notes is the largest task for you to complete throughout the engagement and wedding process. Start keeping track of gifts early to prevent confusion on who gifted what. Also remember to write thank you notes to people who helped host showers, parties, and organize details. To prevent getting overwhelmed with the number[…]

Huffington Post Wedding Advice | Handling Wedding Offenses

Of my many responsibilities as a Kansas City Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™, one is to assure that the pre-reception planning, an essential element of the creative process, addresses the timing and execution of every moment of the event. “No surprises!” is an important promise made to ensure the Bride & Groom’s happiness. But, according to The Huffington Post (HuffPost), some[…]

Kansas City Wedding Reception Helpful “Do’s & Don’ts”

From wedding planner and wedding etiquette expert, “Mrs. Hancock,” comes helpful Kansas City wedding reception tips and advice for Brides & Grooms and guests, too. SF: What is the worst nightmare story you’ve heard when it comes to wedding etiquette? Mrs. Hancock: A guest who completely lost his liquor and trashed the Men’s restroom. Can you imagine?[…]

The Meaning Of RSVP

From the Austin Wedding Blog: On a wedding invitation, the term “RSVP” is an initialism, for the French phrase, repondez s’il vous plait, meaning “respond if you please.” It is the most commonly recognized way of requesting a response to a social invitation. Filling out an RSVP card to attend a Kansas City wedding reception[…]

Don’t Be A Wedding Tweeting Twit!

Few can argue that Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare has caused some people that may have, otherwise, lived a rather obscure life, to become more than a bit fanatical about making sure that the world knows of their every move. So, it should come as no real shock that these same social networking sites might cause[…]