Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Cake Cutting Songs & Music Of 2013

Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Cake Cutting Songs Of 2013

One of the most well-known traditions at a wedding reception is the cutting of the wedding cake. The first piece is cut by the bride and groom, together, to symbolize the first task in the couple’s life. After they’ve cut a slice, the bride and groom feed a piece of it to each other in what once was a[…]

The Great Kansas City Wedding Cupcake Rush Of 2011

In the Kansas City, MO & KS, area, a good number of wedding DJs will announce a wedding cake cutting right after the Bride & Groom have been introduced at their wedding reception or immediately following dinner. If the wedding cake is cut before dinner, less common than after, it’s usually because the Bride & Groom[…]

Silly Rabbit! Trix Is For…Wedding Cakes?

I’m a Kansas City wedding reception DJ with a massive sweet tooth and a love for wedding cakes.  Actually, keep the cake, just give me the icing. Just when I thought I’d seen every type, size and flavor of wedding cake imaginable…along comes this delectable beauty made from Trix cereal. That’s right! Trix is no longer just[…]