Wedding Day Transportation

It is important to consider transportation for you bridal party on your wedding day. From traveling to and from venues and making various pit stops for photos, it will be much easier on everyone to travel together.  There are a wide variety of vehicles that are commonly considered for wedding day transportation. You can narrow[…]

5 Essential Elements For An Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception Part 3 Newlywed Or Shoe Game

The Shoe Game: Ask the Right Questions

The Shoe Game is a great activity for any reception. Newlyweds sit back to back, each taking off their shoes. By handing one of their shoes to the other, they each have one of their own shoe and one of their partner’s. The DJ then proceeds to ask questions where the answer is either the[…]

Branson Father Daughter Dance

Father’s Day Celebration Of The Father & Daughter Dance

We celebrate Father’s Day this month by taking a look at a few ways a Bride can transform a Father & Daughter Dance into a lasting, wedding reception memory. There really isn’t a definitive history to the origins of the Father & Daughter Dance.  But, through the years, it has become an important tradition at a majority of[…]

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Professional

Choosing Wedding Professionals: 6 Avoidable Mistakes | Pt. 1

Choosing wedding professionals who are talented and passionate will make all the difference to the success of your wedding reception…and your sanity as a Bride & Groom. There is nothing that improves your chances more of celebrating your happiness with an unforgettably fun wedding reception than choosing wedding professionals who adhere to a creative process that adds value and strength[…]

Kansas City Wedding Reception, Father & Daughter Dance Song, Hackler

Father & Daughter Dance Songs | Breaking From Tradition!

I saw a question on a wedding forum today where a Bride-to-be asked what song she should select for her Father & Daughter Dance at her Kansas City wedding reception. Some responses rightfully suggested that she ask her dad if he has a preference. “Maybe he remembers a special song from the day you were[…]

Kansas City Wedding Receptions: There Are No Rules!

A few days ago I met with a happily engaged couple to discuss their upcoming Kansas City wedding reception. During the course of our conversation, they told me that they would like to perform their first dance right after they are introduced. When I asked why, they told me “so we can get it out[…]

Wedding Music | Billboard Top 100, 2011 Charts

Wedding Music & Songs | Billboard Top 100 Music Chart 2011

Looking for the most popular wedding music & songs for your Kansas City wedding reception? Billboard has tallied its Top 100 Songs for 2011.  Wedding DJs in Kansas City, like Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, added many, if not all, of these songs to their wedding music & song playlists for wedding receptions this past year. A number of the[…]

Classy Updated Remakes Of Classic Wedding Songs

As a Kansas City wedding DJ,  its can be said with certainty that original versions of classic wedding songs, recorded by the vocalists that made those songs famous, will add style to any wedding reception. But, there are a number of beautifully updated & modern remakes of those classics songs, sung by today’s most popular artists, that can give a[…]

“Run The World (Girls)” To Be New Bouquet Toss Music Fave?

Will “Run the World (Girls)” become the next, Bouquet Toss music favorite for Brides? In 2008, Beyoncé Knowles released “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” Soon after, wedding DJs found it to be one of the most popularly requested Bouquet Toss music choice at a large majority of Kansas City wedding receptions. Beyoncé has just released[…]