How Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?

When you begin looking at locations for your wedding reception, make sure to take note of each space’s dance floor size. The size of the floor you should have is dependent on the number of guests attending your reception. You don’t want the floor to be too big to where it seems empty, or too[…]

5 Essential Elements For An Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception Part 3 Newlywed Or Shoe Game

The Shoe Game: Ask the Right Questions

The Shoe Game is a great activity for any reception. Newlyweds sit back to back, each taking off their shoes. By handing one of their shoes to the other, they each have one of their own shoe and one of their partner’s. The DJ then proceeds to ask questions where the answer is either the[…]

A Peek Inside Kansas City’s Newest Wedding Reception Venue: The River Market Event Place

As mentioned in a previous blog article and on the Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment Facebook page, I had the pleasure of performing Master of Ceremony duties for the Bridal Open House at Kansas City’s newest wedding reception venue, the River Market Event Place (140 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64105).   The highly touted event took place last Friday[…]

Special Sneak Preview Release Of “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” Is Coming To Kansas City!

HOW TO CREATE AN UNFORGETTABLY FUN CELEBRATION! In 2007, my friend and fellow Wedding Entertainment Director™, Peter Merry, released his self-published book, “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!,” the first wedding planning book for Brides and Grooms who want their guests to enjoy an unforgettably fun celebration. Since its initial release, “The Best Wedding Reception…Ever!” has received outstanding reviews[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: Trading Your Guests “A Kiss For A Kiss”

From the moment Zach and Kellie Strube began planning for their wedding reception at the Doubletree Hotel in Overland Park, KS, they were focused on having fun. They wanted to include wedding reception activities that would assure that their guests would have a great time from the second they walked through the ballroom door. Zach & Kellie enthusiastically[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: 10 Tips For Giving Wedding Toasts and Wedding Speeches

So, you’ve anxiously agreed to be the Best Man or Maid/Matron of Honor at your best friend’s or relative’s upcoming wedding and you’ve also been assigned the important task of giving a wedding toast or speech at the reception. Writing a good wedding toast is a job that should not to be taken too lightly. The Best[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: A Video Montage

Enjoy a video montage of just a few couples that have invited us to celebrate their happiness! Over 1000 couples have counted on us for an unforgettably fun, Kansas City wedding reception! Over 1000 times, we’ve exceeded expectations! Related Posts:Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: 10 Tips For Giving Wedding Toasts and Wedding SpeechesUnforgettably Fun[…]

Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: Selecting Your Overture

In a previous article comparing the similarities betwen the making of Oscar winning films and creating unforgettably fun Kansas City wedding receptions, it was demonstrated how each follow a 3 act structure that includes a very distinct beginning, middle and end. Regardless of the genre of movie, an emotional connection is triggered at the very beginning[…]

Perfect Wedding Guide’s Spring Bridal Show – Free Tickets Available!

The Perfect Wedding Guide’s Spring Bridal Show is next Sunday, March 14, 2010 at the Overland Park Convention Center. The show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with spectacular bridal gown fashion shows at 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment is participating and will be supplying the sound and music for[…]

And The Oscar Goes To…Your Kansas City Wedding Ceremony & Reception! Part III

Through Part I and Part II of this article, Brides and Grooms were introduced to the similarities between the production of an Academy Award winning film and the creation of an equally entertaining and memorable Kansas City wedding ceremony and reception.  In short, everyone involved in a couple’s wedding day activities plays some role from[…]