Kansas City Wedding DJ Christmas Card 2012 From Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

Merry Christmas From Ron Ruth Wedding DJ Entertainment

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment! Laugh, dance, sing and celebrate the happiness and joy of the holiday season with the only gift you’ll ever need—love!   Related Posts:The New Ron Ruth Wedding (DJ) Entertainment Website Is LIVE!Valentine’s Day GiveawayHow Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?The[…]

How Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?

When you begin looking at locations for your wedding reception, make sure to take note of each space’s dance floor size. The size of the floor you should have is dependent on the number of guests attending your reception. You don’t want the floor to be too big to where it seems empty, or too[…]

Welcome To The Fresh & New Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, Kansas City Wedding DJ, Website. We're So Glad You've Stopped By!

The New Ron Ruth Wedding (DJ) Entertainment Website Is LIVE!

Launching a new website is a labor of love and cause for celebration! Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment invites you to join in the festivities as we introduce a fresh and bright http://KC-Wedding-DJ.com to Brides & Grooms in the Kansas City area and around the world. Whether you’re new  to our Kansas City wedding DJ site or[…]

5 Essential Elements For An Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception Part 3 Newlywed Or Shoe Game

The Shoe Game: Ask the Right Questions

The Shoe Game is a great activity for any reception. Newlyweds sit back to back, each taking off their shoes. By handing one of their shoes to the other, they each have one of their own shoe and one of their partner’s. The DJ then proceeds to ask questions where the answer is either the[…]

Happy Holidays From Ron Ruth, KC Wedding DJ Entertainment

Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, wishes you and yours a very happy holiday! Celebrate your happiness with all the joy of the season! Related Posts:Merry Christmas From Ron Ruth Wedding DJ EntertainmentHow Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?The New Ron Ruth Wedding (DJ) Entertainment Website Is LIVE!The Shoe Game: Ask the Right QuestionsOur[…]

Our KC Wedding DJ Christmas Carol For Newly Engaged Couples!

The holiday season is upon us and on behalf of Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, we wish you all a joyous holiday and happy New Year! To celebrate the many proposals of marriage that will also take place during this “love-filled” time of year, we’ve included a special Christmas Carol for the[…]

Mother & Son Wedding Dance Song: “The First Lady In My Life”

Finding a Mother & Son Wedding Dance song for a Kansas City wedding receptions with lyrics that are specifically related to the special relationship a son has with his mother is rare. It’s safe to say that there are a variety of traditional, Mother & Son Dance songs with emotional appeal. As a wedding DJ this past weekend,[…]

“Run The World (Girls)” To Be New Bouquet Toss Music Fave?

Will “Run the World (Girls)” become the next, Bouquet Toss music favorite for Brides? In 2008, Beyoncé Knowles released “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).” Soon after, wedding DJs found it to be one of the most popularly requested Bouquet Toss music choice at a large majority of Kansas City wedding receptions. Beyoncé has just released[…]

Ron Ruth Featured In EA Bride Magazine

Ron Ruth, Kansas City wedding DJ, certified Wedding Entertainment Director™ and owner of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment is featured in a “In The Limelight” interview of the winter, 2011, edition of EA Bride Magazine. EA Bride is a new, classy and colorful, local wedding magazine published by Kansas City native, Christie Scott. According to Mrs.[…]

BrideTide.com Announces Top 100 Wedding Blogs 2011

Almost from the moment a Kansas City Bride anxiously says “Yes!” to her Groom’s proposal of marriage, she’ll seek out information that will help her realize her vision of the ideal wedding. But, even before she considers her team of wedding professionals, from wedding DJs, photographers, florists, etc., a Bride will turn to the internet for ideas that will[…]