Kansas City Wedding Mania 12-12-12 From Kansas City Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

12/12/12 Wedding Mania In Kansas City & Around The World

Happy 12/12/12!  Make the most of this Wednesday because it will be another 88 years before we hit another day when all three numbers in the date are the same, January 1, 2101. Today’s date has also created wedding mania in Kansas City and around the world as a number of love stricken and, perhaps,[…]

New Years Wedding Resolutions For Newly Engaged Couples

We’re a week or so into the New Year and I stumbled onto this great blog post, “Resolutions For The Newly Engaged,” on Huffington Post Weddings. Although all of the resolutions are great words of advice for Kansas City wedding couples planning their wedding reception, I took special note of Resolution #9, “Resolve To Celebrate[…]

Huffington Post Wedding Advice | Handling Wedding Offenses

Of my many responsibilities as a Kansas City Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™, one is to assure that the pre-reception planning, an essential element of the creative process, addresses the timing and execution of every moment of the event. “No surprises!” is an important promise made to ensure the Bride & Groom’s happiness. But, according to The Huffington Post (HuffPost), some[…]