IKEA Flash Mob Proposal

Surprise Flash Mob Marriage Proposal At Florida IKEA: VIDEO

Two years ago, Carlos Gato and Rebekka Shackelford came across each other while they were both shopping at an IKEA store in Sunrise, Florida. That chance meeting created such a romantic spark that Gato and Shackelford spent another 10 hours together at the store until it finally closed for the day. Last Saturday, June 15th,[…]

Kansas City Wedding DJ, Stop-Motion Marriage Proposal

Fun Stop-Motion Marriage Proposal Video | “Broken Crayons”

Eliu Hernandez of Broomfield, Colorado put his video editing skills to work in creating a fun, stop-motion animated film, titled “Broken Crayons,” to propose marriage to his long time girlfriend, Marissa Martinez. According to the details posted on the “Broken Crayons,” YouTube video, Hernandez’s film includes “800+ photos over 10 hours in 2 days, 4[…]

Watch An Epic Cinematic Marriage Proposal

This marriage proposal has just become one of my top 3, YouTube favorites from the past 12 months. Actually, with over 21 million views, it must be the favorite of a lot of people. I can’t imagine the amount of time, planning and logistics that went into this incredibly unique and fun wedding proposal. Follow Matt’s cinematic journey as he goes from[…]

Stop Motion Video: A Fun Lego Marriage Proposal

I saw this this fun and very creative, stop motion, Lego marriage proposal video and had to share it with you. It was obviously a labor of love to produce, taking about 2,600 individual snap-shots to bring to life. What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Share your comments. Related Posts:Surprise Flash Mob Marriage Proposal At Florida[…]

Surprise Marriage Proposal From Army Soldier Brings Cheers!

I’ve shared a number of videos containing surprise marriage proposals from the fun to the extreme. But, there are also proposals of marriage that convey a love and passion that obviously comes straight from the heart. Lindy Gonzalez planned a welcoming party as a surprise for her boyfriend, U.S. Army Specialist Michael Smith on his return from[…]

Happiest Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal On Earth

Valerie Albania & Jamin Love, Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal. Photo via ocregister.com On Saturday, September 24, 2011, Valerie Albania was enjoying a leisurely walk past the stores and restaurants in Downtown Disney, outside the gates of  The Happiest Place on Earth…Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She was taking advantage of a day off from her nursing job with[…]

The Heart Bandits – Professional Help For The Helpless Romantic

If you’ve never seen the movie “Hitch,” Will Smith plays the role of a professional date doctor, helping gentlemen find their way into the heart of the woman of their dreams. Movie fiction? Yes! But, today I came across a business web site that transforms fiction (or at least one very similar in nature) into[…]

Fun Kansas City Wedding DJ Tip: “Top 10 Creative Christmas Engagement Ideas”

One of the greatest joys of being a Kansas City wedding DJ is hearing the stories of how the Brides & Grooms I work with got engaged. These proposal stories are always romantic and often a bit humorous with an element of surprise. But, never are any 2 proposal stories exactly alike.  That’s what makes these proposal stories[…]

Extreme Marriage Proposal Challenge: Corvette/Indy 500 Marriage Proposal On The Bricks!

Over the weekend I received a comment to a post I made back in February, 2010, regarding the “Good Morning America Extreme Proposal Challenge.”  In that post I questioned whether the winner’s proposal was really “extreme.” Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and memorable. But, when I think “extreme,” I also envision so “over the[…]

The “Old Spice” Guy Pops The Question…For Somebody Else!

The Old Spice guy is at it again. This guy is awesome! He’s answering tweets from fans, one that asked him to propose to a fan’s girlfriend for him. Don’t know if she said “yes” but who could resist a proposal from this guy? Related Posts:Surprise Flash Mob Marriage Proposal At Florida IKEA: VIDEOFun Stop-Motion[…]