Skydiving Marriage Proposal: Kyle Monroe & Liz Navitksky

ABC News’ “Good Morning America” has announced the winning couple of their most recent “Extreme Marriage Proposal” contest. It’s a story of 2 people who share a love for high adventure. Kyle Monroe and Liz Navitksky met 5 years ago. Instead of taking Liz out to dinner and a movie on their first date, Kyle took her out[…]

Extreme Marriage Proposal Challenge: Corvette/Indy 500 Marriage Proposal On The Bricks!

Over the weekend I received a comment to a post I made back in February, 2010, regarding the “Good Morning America Extreme Proposal Challenge.”  In that post I questioned whether the winner’s proposal was really “extreme.” Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and memorable. But, when I think “extreme,” I also envision so “over the[…]

Unforgettably Fun Marriage Proposal – Madison Square Garden Park

“An amazingly orchestrated wedding proposal caught live in Madison Square Park. After the surprise production number in the park for this girl, they rode off in a horse drawn carriage. In the dance the slip of paper the guys are waving around is a poloroid. The song the guys dance to was “their song.”” It[…]

Good Morning America Weekend’s Extreme Proposal Challenge – ABC News

Good Morning America announced the winner of “The GMA Extreme Proposal Challenge” this morning. It’s a nice story that ends with the Groom, Rodney Cortes,  surprising his Bride, Stacy Bolf, with a proposal at a Super Bowl party. Although congratulations is due the happy couple and as memorable a moment as it may have been for them[…]

Enter the GMA “Extreme Proposal Contest” – ABC News

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you planning to give (or perhaps receive) a unique wedding proposal? Enter the Good Morning America “Extreme Marriage Proposal” contest and win a prize package worth $1800. From the GMA web site: “The winner will have their proposal filmed by our cameras and get to appear on[…]