The Great Kansas City Wedding Cupcake Rush Of 2011

Kansas City Wedding DJ Wedding Cake Cutting TipsIn the Kansas City, MO & KS, area, a good number of wedding DJs will announce a wedding cake cutting right after the Bride & Groom have been introduced at their wedding reception or immediately following dinner.

If the wedding cake is cut before dinner, less common than after, it’s usually because the Bride & Groom have requested that it be served as dessert by the wedding venue or caterer.

Waiting until after dinner to cut the wedding cake, allows for it to be portioned while the toasts and special dances are taking place, still making it available to the guests fairly early in the wedding reception.

Recently, however, I learned a significant lesson about “timing” when it comes to a cake cutting that also includes wedding cupcakes at a wedding reception. My story may be of value to Brides & Grooms and, perhaps, to other wedding professionals in Kansas City, MO & KS, as well.

This is the story of…

The Great Kansas City Wedding Reception Cupcake Rush Of 2011.

A couple who acquired my Kansas City wedding DJ & Master of Ceremonies services this past summer decided to serve cupcakes at their wedding reception instead of investing in a large wedding cake. They still had one, small cake for the ceremonial cake cutting photos. But, it was surrounded with tiers of delectable cupcakes. There were no less than a dozen flavors, each topped with their own distinct, colorful dollop of sugary sweet icing.

It was a beautiful, mouth-watering, wedding cupcake display that was immediately visible to most of the 200 or so wedding reception guests as they arrived. I even found myself anticipating the opportunity to sample a flavor or 2.

Now, I’ve performed at other Kansas City wedding receptions where cupcakes have been the featured dessert, but never on this scale. There was also no way I could have anticipated the wedding cupcake fervor that would ensue.

The newlyweds cut their small, ceremonial wedding cake at the conclusion of dinner as the guests watched inKansas City Wedding DJ Wedding Cupcake Tips enjoyment. From the wedding reception and design process, an itinerary was created that called for the couple to transition from the cake cutting into their first dance and then into a very special Father & Daughter Dance. That has never been an issue at any other wedding reception…until that night.

As the guests of honor were sharing in a very romantic dance at the center of the dance floor, most of their family and friends were lovingly fixated on that singular moment. I noticed, however, a couple of guests make their way to the cake table to partake in the wedding cupcakes. That’s not something I like to see but there was nothing totally unusual about it, either.

But then, I saw a larger group of guests, maybe 6 or 8, make their way to the wedding cupcakes while the first dance was still taking place. They were immediately followed by several more until a short line was starting to form at the cake table.

Suddenly, more and more guests became oblivious to the first dance and quickly made their way to the growing line, perhaps to make certain that their favorite flavor didn’t disappear. Some guest actually walked across the dance floor, passing within a foot or so of the Bride & Groom who were still involved in their first dance.

In my 20 years as a wedding DJ in Kansas City, I have never seen anything like this spontaneous run on cupcakes. By the time the first dance came to an end, two-thirds of the guests were already in line. The remaining third promptly jumped in line when the dance was complete. I was stunned by what can only be described as a wedding cupcake rush!

What should have been a memorable moment was overshadowed by, of all things, cupcakes. It was reminiscent of a run for withdrawals at a bank threatening to close their doors for good!

The remaining, formal wedding dances had to be put on hold for about 30 minutes, until each guest finally made their way back to their table with their cupcake treasure.

It would be easy to comment on what was, at best, rude behavior by the wedding reception guests for not waiting for a more appropriate time to get their cupcakes. As the wedding DJ, however, that was supposed to be in control of the flow of the wedding reception, I have to take responsibility for what happened…even though I’m not sure how I would have known. But, trust me, I do now!

Tips For Serving Kansas City Wedding Cupcakes
Without The Mayhem.

Kansas City Wedding DJ Wedding Cupcake AdviceFor those couples who wish to pull out all the stops by serving a large variety of wedding cupcakes at their Kansas City, KS or MO, wedding reception, I offer a couple suggestions to keep the guests from swooping down on them as though each is filled with a winning lottery ticket.

  • First, make wedding cupcakes available at the time dinner is served. Doing so will mean that the Bride & Groom should cut their ceremonial cake (if they have one) right after their introductions. It will allow guests to pick their favorite cupcake as dessert, before the toasts and formal wedding dances occur. But, it could also create a less than desired delay for getting the formalities underway.
  • Or, because there is obviously an element of fun that can be associated with a plentiful, colorful and somewhat whimsical display of wedding cupcakes, I might suggest that the cake cutting take place later in the evening, after the formalities have been completed and after the guests have had a chance to spend some time dancing. That timing is actually quite common in other parts of the country and would be the most ideal.

Either way, avoid The Great Kansas City Wedding Cupcake Rush Of 2012 by knowing that those little paper cups filled with scrumptious sweetness can bring out passions otherwise unseen in even the most polite and considerate wedding guests.

Have you ever been to or worked a wedding reception where the guests did something totally unexpected? As always, your stories and comments are welcome


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