The Dreaded Wedding Budget | What Are Your Priorities?

Kansas City DJ Wedding Tips For Setting A Wedding Budget From Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

The dreaded, “determining the wedding budget” (DTWB) discussion is not an easy conversation for some brides and grooms to have. But, before you start writing checks or swiping your credit card, a budget is a necessity.

The good news is that the discussion of budgets doesn’t need to be scary. As you begin the wedding planning process, talk about what you can afford to spend on your happily ever after. Don’t worry about hitting an exact number in the beginning; a reasonable estimate will work just fine when you are in the early stages of planning.

I suggest to the couples I work with to first determine their priorities before contracting the services of wedding professionals. As an example, if photos are key but you’re not much of a foodie, splurge on a great photographer and scale back on your catering budget. If entertainment is important, then allocate more of your budget towards a quality wedding DJ and cut in areas that are less important to you or are limited in producing noteworthy memories for you or your family & friends.

Still not sure what your priorities are? Try this fun and practical exercise and ask yourselves, “What do we want our guests to remember most about our wedding ceremony and wedding reception?”

Remember, whether your taste is lavish or simple, your wedding ceremony and reception should be a reflection of your personality and style. Inexpensive and often free personal touches are what will separate your celebration from all others; making it an unforgettable signature event.

As important as wedding budgets may be and no matter what amount you invest, always remember that you share a common thread of happiness with every other bride and groom. At the end of your wedding day, you will have accomplished the one, most important thing you set out to do…marrying your one true love. Approach your DTWB discussion focused on that wonderful reality and any dread you may feel will magically fade away.

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