Sam Day Wedding Painter: Wedding Masterpieces On Canvas

In September, 2011, I attended the annual Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas. The Wedding MBA attracts over 2000 wedding professionals from around the world, representing every facet of the wedding industry, for two and one-half days of intense learning. Content covers the gamut from best business practices to current wedding trends.

While at the Wedding MBA conference, I came across a really fun and novel idea for Kansas City wedding receptions…live oil paintings by Seattle artist, Sam Day

Sam Day Wedding Painter

I not only had the pleasure of meeting Sam and enjoy with some amazement, beautiful samples of his artistic talents from weddings he has painted, but I also got to watch him at work as he captured the opening session of the Wedding MBA, 2011, conference on canvas

Sam Day Wedding Painter 01

Wedding painter, Sam Day, explains the process best on his blog:

“Two thousand people fit quite snugly into a corner of a big exhibit hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. There was a modest stage, and four big screens spread out in front of tables arranged as a massive classroom. I set up my easel about one screen away from the stage, and began at 8 a.m. with the opening talk. As I commonly do at weddings, I painted a view of about 180 degrees, like a wide-angle lens. But the painting only shows half the crowd; the other half is behind me. That’s Carley Roney (The Knot) at the podium.”

Sam Day Wedding Painter 02

“I finished at noon, as Andy Ebon (wedding marketing guru) wrapped up his remarks. He spoke about individuals who are distinctive in their disciplines, such as wedding planners or photographers, whose work separates them from their peers by excellence, creativity, or unique vision. I was the last professional he featured. The applause after his conclusion seemed just the right time for me to sign the painting, and take a little bow.”

Unlike a caricature artist who draws portraits with pencil or pen and with a focus on exaggerating or emphasising the subject’s facial features (although he can do that, too), the work of wedding painter, Sam Day, encapsulates a setting, mood and memory of a moment in incredible detail.

“I love painting a beautiful bride. Of course, all brides are beautiful, and they should be the radiant focus of every wedding painting.”

Sam Day Wedding Painter 04

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“How do I decide where to put the couple in the painting? When I started painting weddings, this was something we pre-arranged. I’m happy to discuss this with the couple before the big day. But as I’ve become more experienced, most couples now trust me to decide as the evening unfolds. I’ve learned to recognize opportunities as they present themselves.”

Sam Day Wedding Painter 05
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Sam Day Wedding Painter 06

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Imagine the joy of Kansas City Brides & Grooms as they prominently display their Sam Day wedding painting in their first home. What an incredible conversation starter with family and friends. And, what a great portrait of the fun everyone had at their wedding reception.

Although based in Seattle, WA, Sam Day travels anywhere in the country (including Kansas & Missouri) where his wedding painting talents are requested…including Kansas City wedding receptions

Visit the Sam Day wedding painter website to view more of his extraordinary wedding paintings. Or, email him for more information at

What do you think of live wedding painting for your Kansas City wedding reception or wedding ceremony?

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