Mother & Son Wedding Dance Song: “The First Lady In My Life”

Mother & Son Wedding Dance SongFinding a Mother & Son Wedding Dance song for a Kansas City wedding receptions with lyrics that are specifically related to the special relationship a son has with his mother is rare. It’s safe to say that there are a variety of traditional, Mother & Son Dance songs with emotional appeal. As a wedding DJ this past weekend, however, I was asked to play (for the first time) a song for a Mother and Son Dance with unforgettable sentiment; “The First Lady In My Life” by Paul Todd

From his album, Paul Todd: A Little Bit Of Swing,  “The First Lady In My Life” tells the story of the wonderful things that a mother does for her son while he’s growing up. And, it is a song of appreciation and love from a son for his mother’s love.  It is also a powerfully engaging and touching Mother & Son Dance song at wedding receptions in Kansas City that will create a special memory for the Groom, his mom and the many guests at his wedding day reception.

Even though it is not a new song, released in 2007, I was surprised how everyone in attendance at the wedding reception was drawn into the moment by the words and music. Happy tears immediately started to flow from the very first note. “The First Lady In My Life” emotes much the same sentiment as Butterfly Kisses” has for a Father & Daughter Dance. Several guests came to us throughout the evening wanting to know the name of the Mother & Son Dance song and who recorded it.

If you’ve not selected a Mother and Son Dance song for your wedding reception, watch “The First Lady In My Life” by Paul Todd on YouTube. And then, check out the song lyrics below to see if “The First Lady In My Lifemight be the right dance song for Mother & Son at your Kansas City wedding reception.



Mother & Son Dance Song For Kansas City Wedding Receptions,
The First Lady In My Life” by Paul Todd: Lyrics

Your smiling face was always there
From little trucks and building blocks
You held my hand while I learned to walk
You were my best friend, my inspiration
The one I looked up to..
Hey Mom…The First Lady In My Life Was You

There were bedtime snacks and nursery rhymes
For goodnight prayers, there was always time
You taught me to live by the golden rule
Made sure I got to Sunday School
You disciplined with Love my whole life through
A gentle touch was all I ever knew..
Hey Mom…The First Lady In My Life Was You

Then later on, came sports and games
You’d sit in the stands and call my name
And win or lose, you’d smile and say
‘Son I’m proud of you, everything’s OK’
You were the one, I’d always turn to
When times were sad and blue..
Hey Mom…The First Lady In My Life Was You

There’s so many things to say thank you for
Birthdays, camping and so much more
The little things that mean so much
Like laundry done with a loving touch
And who could forget, three meals a day
Carpools, scouts and PTA’s..
Hey Mom…The First Lady In My Life Was You

So here we are today, now I’m finally grown
About to take a wife, and start a family of my own
Everything I am, I owe to you
You molded me so carefully and you saw me through
It’s hard to tell you how I feel, without a lot of mush
But I must tell you true..
Hey Mom, I’m So Glad…The First Lady In My Life Was You

So what are your thoughts about the song “The First Lady In My Life” by Paul Todd? Is it a song that you would consider for your Mother & Son Dance? Please leave a comment.

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