Kansas City Wedding DJ Tip: Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 2

Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 2 of 3.

In “Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 1,” Brides & Grooms were offered the first of five tips for creating an unforgettably fun, Kansas City wedding reception that doesn’t rely solely on party music as the only means of entertainment. Tip #1: “Incorporating Personal Touches,” illustrated the benefits of spotlighting the couple’s unique qualities as well as their personality and style.

Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 2” explores the importance of making an emotional connection with the guests.

Kansas City Wedding Receptions & MoviesRemember that movie you rented with high expectations that it would be a film that you’d really enjoy watching….just to discover after a few short minutes that it could very well have been the worst movie ever made? You may have let it play while doing something else. Or, you turned it off and immediately returned the disc to wherever you got it. 

Regardless of which action you took, the most likely reason you didn’t enjoy the movie was because it failed to engage you emotionally. From the very beginning, you had no connection with the lead characters and/or the story line. There was absolutely nothing about that cinematic blunder that compelled you to watch it all the way to the end credits.

The same principle applies to wedding receptions in Kansas City, Missouri & KansasIf guests are not made to feel involved or engaged in the event from the moment they walk through the door, they will quickly lose interest and “tune out” the most important elements of the celebration. Worse yet, they’ll find an excuse to leave early.

If you exercise any of the ideas presented in Tip #1 of this article, you will be well on your way to engaging and entertaining your guests at the beginning of the reception. But, keeping them interested and focused doesn’t end there.

What follows are Tip #2 and Tip #3 (of five) for creating an unforgettably fun, Kansas City wedding reception that will assist you in keeping your family and friends involved and engaged through dinner and your formal wedding dances.

Tip #2: Dinner Time Activities
Create Unforgettably Fun, Kansas City WeKansas City Wedding Reception Table Songsdding Receptions.

Here’s A Fun Wedding Reception Dinner Time Activity:  If your wedding reception includes a buffet, name each guest table after a fun song. Oldies are ideal. Create a simple table tent that reads “You’re Seated At “XYZ Song” By The Artist” When You Hear This Song, (Bride & Groom’s Names) Invite You To Dance (Limbo, Twist, Conga, Train, Swing Dance, Polka, Disco, etc) Your Way To the Buffet!”  

When the DJ plays that “Table Song,” your guests will know that it is their turn to go to the buffet.

This fun dinner activity not only prevents all of your guests from standing in line at the buffet for an extended period of time, they’ll provide unique entertainment for others with their creative dance moves!

Try This Suggestion For A Fun Wedding Reception Dinner Time Activity: We’ve all been to a wedding reception where, when the guests tink their water glasses, the Bride & Groom kiss. As a fun twist, have your DJ or Master of Ceremonies instruct your family and friends that the Newlyweds will only kiss if a guest (or group of guests) first entertains the happy couple with a song of love. It doesn’t matter what the song is as long as the lyrics Kansas City Wedding Reception Sing For A Kiss include the word “love.” You’ll enjoy the laughter that comes as you are serenaded with songs ranging from the Beatles “All You Need Is Love” to the “Barney Theme Song.”

As it is with the “Table Songs,” this activity is also an opportunity for your guests to entertain each other…and to keep them focused on the celebration! More importantly, they’ll anticipate the next fun activity you may have in store for them.

Bonus Suggestion For A Fun Wedding Reception Dinner Activity: Place large index cards and pens on the tables and invite your guests to write their very best wishes or advice for a happy future to you, the Bride & Groom. A few of the very best wishes and advice can be read aloud by your DJ to the guests, just before the toasts, as a way to continue their focus on the event.

As an added bonus, these cards make an excellent addition to your wedding scrapbook. Make sure that your guests sign the cards so you’ll know who submitted each fun nugget of wisdom and advice.

Tip #3: Special Wedding Dance Moments
Create Unforgettably Fun, Kansas City Wedding Receptions.

In Tip # 1 and Tip #2, Brides and Grooms were presented with entertaining ideas to get and keep their guests emotionally engaged in their Kansas City wedding reception from the time they arrive through dinner. In Tip #3, we’ll explore a few activities that will extend their focus throughout the formal wedding dances.

It is said in the sales profession that it is much easier and cost-effective to keep a customer than it is to lose them andKansas City Wedding Reception Emotionally Engaged Guests try to get them back. A similar statement can be made of guests at a wedding reception. It is much easier to keep a guest’s attention than to lose it and try to regain it during important moments.

Suffice to say, if family and friends have not been made to feel involved prior to the formal wedding dances, it will be much more difficult to get them to pay attention during these once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

Here are some ideas of incredibly memorable actions that can be taken before and during the formal wedding dances to retain everyone’s focus and attention.

Consider This Idea For Unforgettable Wedding Dances: As the Bride & Groom, write each other short “love notes” that speak to your excitement that your special day has finally arrived, how much you adore each other and how you see your future together. Don’t share what you’ve written with one another. Give those notes to your DJ or Master of Ceremonies and have them read just prior to your First Dance as husband and wife.

 These notes should, at the most, be a paragraph or 2. It is not important that either of you are a gifted writer. What is essential, however, is that the words come from the heart.

Kansas City Wedding Reception Father & Daughter DanceAnother Idea For Unforgettable Wedding Dances: To prevent the Father & Daughter and/or the Mother & Son Dances from going totally unnoticed, write a short note to your Father or Mother that can be read as a part of the introduction to those special dances. Talk about your appreciation for the influence they’ve had on your life. Maybe share an especially poignant moment that you recall from growing up.

Tell about the time your dad bought you an ice cream cone after your team lost a game or how he always made you laugh when you were feeling down. Let your guests in on the time your mom helped you pick out the corsage for your prom date or how she always made your favorite meal for your birthday or other special occasions.   

If your words come from the heart, every eye in the room will most assuredly be focused on you and your parents prior to and during your wedding dances.

Bonus Idea For Unforgettable Wedding Dances: Some couples may choose to combine the Father & Daughter and Mother & Son Dance as one dance, If you do, allow the song you’ve chosen to play about halfway through. Then, have the DJ invite the Bride’s Mother to dance with the Groom and the Groom’s Father to dance with the Bride. After a few seconds have passed, pair up the parents and the Bride & Groom to conclude the dance.

Incorporating this idea allows each parent to be included in this very special moment rather than being “sideline observers.” 

Note: If the tips above do not fit your personality and style, I know 250 more creative ideas I’d be happy to share during a personal consultation.

To be clear, music is an important element of every wedding reception. But, it is just one element of many that creates extraordinarily fun and memorable wedding celebrations!

Come back soon for Part 3 of 3 of this article with Tips #4 and #5. 

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