Kansas City Wedding DJ Tip: Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 1

Creating Fun Memories Beyond Music! Part 1 of 3.

Whenever I meet with an engaged couple to discuss their vision of the ideal Kansas City wedding reception, I’ll ask them to share a memory from the last wedding reception they attended. Far too many times they can’t recall a stand-out moment. That’s unfortunate. 

Hackett Wedding Reception FunThere’s little doubt that most, if not all, “nearlyweds” want their wedding reception to be fun and memorable. It’s only logical, though, that if the wedding reception is truly fun, loads of lasting memories will be a sure thing. 

Some Brides and Grooms, however, relate “fun” to the party music and dancing alone. That’s usually one of the first questions asked of me as a wedding DJ; “What kind of music do you have?” Of course, the music a DJ plays to draw guests to the dance floor is a crucial element of every wedding reception. You’ll get no argument from me!

But, if couples want a wedding reception that will have their family and friends recounting the memories of their extraordinarily fun event for years to come, they should not rely solely on the “typical,” essentials of party music and dancing to make that happen. 

What about those guests (of any age) who are not into dancing, no matter what song or genre is played? Should they not be entertained in other ways and should it matter to Brides & Grooms that these individuals will politely make their way to the door before the DJ presents the first party song of the night? And, what about those guests who may remember having a good time dancing but have no memory of anything else? 

For what a couple invests in time and money in their wedding ceremony and reception in Kansas City, shouldn’t they expect their guests to be fully engaged in every moment of the festivities and be able to look back at their once-in-a-lifetime event as an extraordinarily fun and unforgettable celebration? Absolutely! 

In this article, Part 1 of 3,  Kansas City Brides and Grooms will discover the first of five creative tips and ideas (from over 250 I know) to get them started towards a fun and memorable wedding reception that goes far beyond music considerations and dancing alone. They’ll also find a few examples of each that may inspire them.

A few of the following wedding reception tips and ideas are simple enough to be performed by just about anyone. Others, however, may require the assistance of a talented wedding DJ, skilled Wedding Entertainment Director™ or proficient Master of Ceremonies to assure that they are performed properly, producing the greatest entertainment value.

Tip #1: Incorporating Personal Touches
Creates Unforgettably Fun, Kansas City Wedding Receptions.

What are those traits that make you different from all other couples? Trust me. There are tons. From your common interests and personalities to the way you met and how he (or maybe she) proposed, these life experiences most definitely separate you from everyone else. 

You’re unique! Take advantage of that fact and the unlimited possibilities to provide your guests with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind wedding celebration.

Here’s A Fun Wedding Reception Example: If you’ve traveled a great deal, name the tables after the cities you’ve visited and include a little story about why you were there and it’s importance to you. If you have a fun photo of one or both of you standing in front of a landmark, be sure to include it on the table card.

Better yet, encourage conversation among guests that may not know everyone seated at their table. Instead of telling the name of the location, invite them to guess the city based on hints, clues and photographs printed on the table card. 

Strube Fun Wedding Party IntroductionsHere’s Another Fun Wedding Reception Example: Remember that your closest friends are individuals that just happen to be members of the Bridal Party instead of Bridal Party members that happen to be your friends. There’s a huge difference! 

Give your friends the recognition they deserve. Fill your guests in on why they are so important to you by sharing the story how you came to know each other as they are being introduced.

It doesn’t need to be a lot of info. It can be as simple as…you grew up together, went to the same schools, played on the same sports teams, were roommates, were sorority sisters or fraternity brothers in college…you get the idea! 

To make those Bridal Party introductions even more fun and to create a considerable amount of laughter, include a humorous story about each person, maybe something that you remember from growing up together or while away at college. 

Hinrichs Fun Wedding Reception WelcomeBONUS Fun Wedding Reception Example: For an extremely personal touch, take a moment after you’ve been introduced as the Guests of Honor to “Welcome” your guests. Ask your DJ or Master of Ceremonies for the microphone and thank everyone for coming, especially those that may have come a great distance to spend time with you. Take a moment to acknowledge VIPs individually that may have been instrumental in helping you prepare for your special day. 

Above all, introduce both sets of parents and publicly thank them for their support, encouragement and unconditional love throughout the years. For the greatest emotional impact and lasting memory, give them a hug. 

Note: As it is with every tip and idea offered, only consider those best suited to your individual personality and style. 

To be clear, music is an important element of every wedding reception. But, it is just one element of many that creates extraordinarily fun and memorable wedding celebrations!

Watch for Part 2 of 3 of this article in the next day or so with Tips #2 and #3 for creating an unforgettably fun, Kansas City, wedding reception. 

If you’d like to see photo and video examples of these tips and many others, plus be included on a few insider secrets that will give you the confidence needed to create the wedding reception of your dreams , join me for “The MAGIC Behind An Extraordinary Wedding Celebration!,” a workshop for every Bride and Groom who wants an unforgettably fun wedding reception. You’ll find dates, times and locations, HERE!

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