Kansas City Wedding DJ Spotlight: Modern 8 Films

I’m a Kansas City wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™ that not only loves performing at wedding receptions, but I can’t help getting excited when I find fun and original ideas that Brides & Grooms can use to give a new twist to the “typical” wedding and wedding celebration. Part of the joy of wedding planning is finding fresh ways to create memorable moments that are key to enjoying an unforgettably fun wedding reception. 

Couples can now have those moments captured in a very unique way by wedding video artists, Modern 8 Films. Unlike “typical” wedding videographers, their work is nothing short of a nostalgic form of creative genius. They’re also the topic of this edition of “Kansas City Wedding DJ Spotlight.

Kansas City Wedding DJ Spotlight: Modern 8 Films

Kansas City Wedding DJ Spotlight: Modern 8 Films

Before BluRay, DVDs and, yes, even VHS was something called 8mm films. In it’s day (1950’s-1960’s), it was the best medium to capture every, special family event. Indoors, the 8mm camera was often mounted with a bar that held a number of high wattage flood lights that radiated enough heat to melt skin. 

The films had no recorded voice and no soundtrack, other than the whir of the gears that advance the projector sprockets with precision timing, pulling the film from the top reel to the take-up reel below. And, unless families could afford a pull up screen, some of those “home movies” were simply projected on a wall, often covered in patterned wall paper.

Modern 8 Films has brought back that classic form of capturing special moments with a more modern day technology (including a soundtrack) that is far less cumbersom and intrusive than the 8mm camera of old. Their variation of 8mm recording has  given brand new new life to an otherwise, extinct “art form.” The best part, these “films” can now be viewed in hi-def, instead of on Aunt Mary’s rose patterned, dining room wall.

Brides and Grooms that yearn for a simpler time will love the unique, 8mm look and emotional appeal. These wedding films are especially fun to watch when the 8mm footage makes a seamless transition into the modern day video that viewers are more accustom to seeing.  

And, as a wedding DJ in Kansas City that has worked with a number of wedding videographers, I think the following option is the coolest thing ever. Among their 3, listed packages, the Modern 8 Films’ “Honeymoon Package” invites Brides & Grooms to be their own director/cinematographer.  

Be the director of your own honeymoon “indie” film. We provide you with an instructional session prior to your wedding day in super 8 film making. Then at the end of your reception we give you a travel pack that includes 1 super 8mm camera, 6 rolls of super 8mm film, a field guide, and protective case. Upon return from your honeymoon FedEx will pick up the travel pack. The footage will be edited to the music of your choice and returned as part of a 2 disc set with your wedding DVD.

Enjoy the video and be sure to visit Modern 8 Films blog to view more of their incredible work.


Casey & Janine from Modern 8 Films on Vimeo.

Modern 8 Films

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