Father’s Day Celebration Of The Father & Daughter Dance

Branson Father Daughter Dance

We celebrate Father’s Day this month by taking a look at a few ways a Bride can transform a Father & Daughter Dance into a lasting, wedding reception memory.

There really isn’t a definitive history to the origins of the Father & Daughter Dance.  But, through the years, it has become an important tradition at a majority of wedding receptions.  It is because there is no history to the tradition, though, that you as a Bride should feel free to create whatever lasting memory is best fitting to the relationship you have with your dad.

That singular, exclusive dance can be an expression of a daughter’s love, respect and appreciation for her father. But, it can also be an opportunity to have some fun by celebrating the happy memories you have growing up with the first man in your life, the man who, perhaps, set the bar through his example for the husband you’ve chosen.

Whichever way you choose, always remember that this moment is one that your dad, although he may never admit it, has envisioned since you were a little girl. Don’t discount the opportunity to make your dance with him one that you both will cherish for a lifetime.

Enjoy the following articles from our blog archive for a few Father & Daughter Dance ideas and then contact me to learn a few more during a complimentary entertainment consultation.

Father & Daughter Dance Songs | Breaking From Tradition

A question was recently posted on a wedding forum where a Bride-to-be asked what song she should select for her Father & Daughter Dance at her Kansas City wedding reception.

Some responses rightfully suggested that she ask her dad if he has a preference. “Maybe he remembers a special song from the day you were born or from another memorable time while you were growing up.” That’s very sound advice. Read the entire article

Father & Daughter Dance Recreated Live On GMA

It’s one thing to perform a fun, Father & Daughter Dance at a wedding reception in front of friends & family, have it videotaped and go viral on YouTube while being dubbed “the best Father & Daughter Dance, ever.”

But imagine, a couple of months later being asked to put on the wedding dress and tux one more time to perform it live on national television in front of total strangers in New York City’s Time Square. Read the entire article

A Sentimental & Engaging, Father & Daughter Dance

As mentioned above, a Father & Daughter Dance can be a time for a daughter to express her love, respect and appreciation for her dad.
There are a number of memorable ways to accomplish that, but few will be more personal, sentimental or emotionally engaging than Stacy’s dance with her dad.

Make sure you have a Kleenex handy before watching the video below!

Bonus Article: Dad Keeps Promise
To “Construct” Daughter’s Wedding Gown

Erin Lucien Makes His Daughter's Wedding GownOK…So this article has nothing to do with Father & Daughter Dances but you’ll love this heart-warming story of a father in California who told his little daughter that one day…he’d make her wedding dress. He’s Erin Lucien, a construction worker more familiar with hammers, not hemlines.

But, little girls grow up and a promise is a promise. When the youngest of his daughters, 24-year-old daughter Danielle, got engaged, Erin didn’t shy away from that promise or the challenge. Read the entire article

I hope you’ve found these articles about father & daughter dances inspiring. For even more ways to celebrate your happiness, or to discover a creative process that will open your imagination to unlimited possibilities for having an unforgettably fun wedding reception, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Now…go give your dad a hug!

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