Father & Daughter Wedding Dance Creates Fun & Memorable Moment

What follows is an absolutely fun wedding video with a memorable Father & Daughter wedding dance that unexpectantly transitions from “Ballerina Girl” by Lionel Richie into “The Time (Dirty Bit)” by the Black Eyed Peas.

In the beginning, the mood is very sentimental and loving as the Bride and her Dad melt the hearts of their wedding reception guests…just before they surprise them all with an entertaining and upbeat dance. Of special note is how this Surprise” wedding dance propels the energy level in the ballroom.

Enjoy the video and check out the Kansas City Wedding DJ Tip that follows for the best placement of a “Surprise” wedding dance in a wedding reception. 

Surprisewedding dances remain a popular trend. Whether it’s a Bride & Groom’s First Dance or a Father & Daughter Dance, a “surprise” wedding dance can be unforgettably fun at any wedding reception. But, they serve another purpose, as well. With proper placement in the schedule of formalities, they can also “prime” family & friends for dancing.

Kansas City Wedding DJ Tip:
“Surprise” Wedding Dance Placement For The
Most Fun & Memorable, Wedding Reception Impact.

The usual, more traditional flow of formalities at a Kansas City wedding reception places a Bride & Groom’s First Dance at the very beginning. If requested, a Father & Daughter Dance will typically follow, and then the Mother & Son Dance, Money Dance, Anniversary Dance, etc.

But, to take advantage of the high energy a “Surprise” First Dance or Father & Daughter Dance creates and the excitement that ensues, couples should ask their wedding DJ or band to include it after all of the other formalities have been completed and just before the dance floor opens for the party to begin. The impact will be lost if it is followed by a sentimental slow song.

The term, “First Dance,” should not discourage anyone from making such a bold change in the wedding reception formalities to include a fun “Surprise.” The literal meaning of the term is “First Dance as Husband & Wife.” It does not have to mean First Dance of the formalities or of the evening.

The same applies to a Father & Daughter Wedding Dance. This formality can occur any time that best suits a need. And, it can easily be the last dance of the formalities, where it will create the most memorable impact for the Bride & Groom and their wedding reception guests.

So…what’s the most fun & memorable “surprise” you’ve seen at a wedding reception in Kansas City?

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