Kansas City Wedding & Wedding Reception Fall Decor: It’s The Great Pumpkin!

As a Kansas City Wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™, I encourage Brides & Grooms to look for fun ways to entertain their guests at their Kansas City weddings and Kansas City wedding receptions…whether it is through memorable activities, music or a personal touch that amuses friends and family. Wedding decor would easily fall into that category. Speaking of fall…

I don’t know about you but I love fall and a fall wedding provides for fantastic seasonal inspiration to entertain and make everyone smile. When it comes to the task of decorating for your Kansas City wedding and/or wedding reception, consider incorporating the brilliant colors of fall that are evident in the leaves of the trees. 

Others inspirations are the rustic theme or the harvest theme that come with the change of the seasons.

 But, there is one motif that is often overlooked because of its relationship to Halloween…the pumpkin. The pumpkin is synonymous with fall and can also be an enjoyable addition to your Kansas City wedding and Kansas City wedding reception decor. 

Here are some fun ways to use pumpkins in your Kansas City wedding

Pumpkins can be simple decorations and may be used “as is” for your ceremony or reception. A series of medium sized pumpkins can be used as aisle markers or to accent the altar or location where you will exchange vows.

 They can also be placed near the entrance of the reception hall or even grace the tables of your guest as simple additions to centerpieces. A pumpkin in itself can be a simple and elegant accent to your fall decorations. 

With cooler temperatures approaching, candles and candle holders provide another seasonal idea you can include in the decorating scheme for your fall wedding. If you’ve ever celebrated Halloween (and who hasn’t?), you already know that hollowed out Pumpkins make excellent candle holders. You can customize them in very creative ways, carving out any shape you want…from monograms to humorous silhouettes…to be illuminated by a candle inside. 

Another great idea is to have small or medium sized pumpkins hollowed out and carved with fall motifs like maple leafs, wheat sheaves, or ears of corn. If you want to have more of a Halloween theme you can carve Jack O’ Lanterns and use holiday themes like witches or bats. 

Or, get really creative and carve common wedding themes into the pumpkins, like wedding rings, wedding bells or a Bride and Groom sharing their first dance, or leaving in their car. Scatter a variety of these specially sculpted pumpkins throughout the church or reception venue to have your guests buzzing about the joy of celebrating your special day. For more ideas, check out these FREE wedding themed pumpkin stencils available at Party Supplies Hut

Pumpkins candle holders also serve as great mood lighting since the inside of the hollowed out gourds will give the candlelight an orange glow that will add warmth to the atmosphere of your Kansas City wedding ceremony or Kansas City reception

A hollowed out pumpkin has other uses. It can substitute for a vase to hold floral arrangements. For example, you can fill a moderate sized pumpkin with mums, poppies or sunflowers as a centerpiece for a seasonal effect.

You can use them to hold potpourri which can add sweet seasonal scents to the atmosphere of your Kansas City wedding ceremony or reception hall

Maybe use the pumpkin as a theme for your wedding cake. You can incorporate a small pumpkin as an unconventional cake topper or have a pumpkin shaped cake that gives the appearance of pumpkins tiered on top of one another. 

Now, perhaps you love some or all of these ideas but don’t think you have the time or artistic eye to carve out the pumpkins you’d like to include? You’re not alone! But, the good news is that you can contact a professional florist to do the job for you. For expert help, contact our friends at The Village Gardens in Blue Springs, MO.   

Whatever you do, let your imagination take you on a journey of red, orange and yellow possibilities. There’s really no trick to this special decorating treat.

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