Bride Survey: Social & Tech Is Primary Wedding Planning Tool

According to a recent survey conducted by and, brides are using social media and technology in almost every phase of their wedding planning. The survey suggests that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are quickly becoming the primary “tools” brides turn to most as they prepare for their big day. Brides are using these social sites to share everything from the news of their engagement to ideas and photos with their wedding party and wedding team to getting advice from former and current brides-to-be.

There are, perhaps, two rather surprising conclusions that come from the survey. One is how brides posting their wedding planning experience to social media (more than 51%) is forcing an evolution of etiquette, especially when those progress updates may be seen by friends who will not be invited to the wedding. Although some may see this trend as a etiquette no-no, the brides involved in the survey indicate that they are not concerned.

The other surprise, at least from our point of view, is that 78% of brides-to-be still turn to bridal magazines for inspiration. With all of the information and photos that are readily available on the web, that number supports what so many publishers have been saying for years; brides still love to have print resources at their fingertips.

For detailed information about the digital habits of brides, check out the original articles on and or scroll through the  infographic they’ve created below.

So, how did or will you incorporate social media and technology into your wedding planning?  Your comments are welcome.

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