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Predicting Wedding Trends For 2011

Here we are, Kansas City wedding DJs enjoying the end of another peak, wedding season. Yet, we’re already anxiously, looking ahead to what will be the hot wedding trends for 2011. It’s what a great Kansas City wedding DJ and other wedding professionals in Kansas City do to assure that their expertise exceeds the expectations of the next “generation” of Brides and Grooms they serve.

With that said, we came across this excellent article, “Predicting Wedding Trends For 2011,” on the “Austin Wedding Blog.” It is particularly fascinating because we’re already hearing many of our 2011, Brides and Grooms speaking about their Kansas City wedding reception and wedding ceremony plans in the same manner as predicted in the article that follows.

2011 is going to be a very peculiar year for the entire wedding industry.

Planning couples are slowly recovering from a negative economic situation, which is causing them to aggressively seek out the biggest bang for their buck. Strategic spending is the new frugal and over-the-top extravagance will be toned down to a new era of “casual” traditional. Wedding dress designs will focus on texture rather than color, and cakes will become more subtle and less of a production. Local is the new “organic” and antique family heirlooms will be a major fashion driver in 2011. DIY will remain strong and more online resources will emerge to capture that growing market. Grooms will assist in more of the wedding planning duties to ensure the big day is a reflection of both people involved and wedding videography will make a comeback.

Of course, all of these things I mention above are just my own personal predictions for what’s in store for 2011. I’d love to know what you agree and disagree with. I’d also love to know any forward indicators that you are seeing that could cause a massive trend in the bridal industry? I love posts like this because it really gets me thinking about how far the wedding environment has come in the past 20 years. We are in the middle of a something special and it will be fun to see how it all unfolds.

Enjoy reading the rest of my wedding trend predictions for 2011!

  • It will be a defining year for wedding photography in 2011. Quality, professional wedding photographers will keep their current rates while amateur photographers will budget discount themselves out of competition. Brides are beginning to understand that the cheapest photography doesn’t necessarily mean the best photography.
  • 18-month engagements will become the norm It’s practical for couples to want more time to save up money.
  • The Groupon trend will embrace the bridal market and begin offering deep discounts for group buying opportunities.
  • Family owned-heirlooms will become hot. One-of-a-kind becomes the “new black”.
  • Local is chic. Choosing a local area caterer will become more of a priority over organic catering.
  • Due to the increasing popularity of Friday weddings, venues will begin to slightly increase their rental rates.
  • Intimate weddings were hugely popular in 2010 and it will remain strong in 2011. Smaller guest lists allow a cozy, more personal celebration.
  • Small, local bridal shows will become a huge resource for planning brides in 2011. These hometown events offer more practical discounts than their national counterparts.
  • Couples will begin adding more luxury items to their gift registries.
  • Eco-friendly weddings will begin to take on a vintage flair with used organic and natural fiber wedding dresses paving the way.
  • Bridal hairpieces will be huge in 2011. Handmade tiaras and heirloom fascinators will become a very important wedding accessory.
  • Expect to see more professional wedding videography at formal wedding events. It’s best to let the pros capture the entire production instead of relying on uncle Bob.
  • For the past few years, wedding cakes were infamous for their ultra-extravagant fondant cake themes. I predict 2011 to be a much more subtle year for cake designs. Think texture, not color.
  • Dessert bar coordination will become an a la carte service offered by a growing number of wedding cake bakeries.
  • New 2011 Wedding dresses will begin replacing bold ruffle designs with softer tulle accents.
  • The champagne toast will make a comeback. The first thing most couples removed from their wedding reception budgets in 2010 was the luxury expense of champagne. A trend in smaller weddings now keeps this cost reasonable.
  • The DIY wedding scene will become mainstream. It’s normal for most brides to custom create at least one or more elements of their wedding.
  • Modern brides will start turning to smartphone apps for staying on schedule with their wedding planning and to create/update their bridal registries.
  • Grooms will begin choosing wedding suits over traditional wedding tuxedos. Designer bowties will continue to become popular throughout the year.
  • In 2011, more flower shops will begin offering DIY flower clinics for do-it-yourself brides.
  • Wedding caterers will begin offering smaller-size food portions to regain budget-bride customers. They will position it as healthier and cost-effective.
  • Wedding invitation designers will continue to amaze us with fresh design concepts in 2011. Etsy will be a major marketplace for invites and bridal stationery.
  • Pocket wedding dresses. Big name brands are just beginning to get their feet wet in this area.
  • Although I-pods can be a financial-friendly alternative to hiring a professional wedding DJ, the word is getting out that one thing you don’t want to have to stress about on your wedding day is the music.
  • Destination weddings will remain popular with more and more hotels and resorts offering heavily discount rates for advance bookings.
  • Wedding brunches will gain popularity in 2011. This is a fresh alternative to the traditional rehearsal dinner.

So, what do you think? Whether you’re a Kansas City wedding professional or Bride & Groom planning a 2011 wedding, tell us about the changes in Kansas City wedding ceremonies and receptions you see for the coming year.

You’re invited to leave your thoughts and predictions here and on the “Austin Wedding Blog.”

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