5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 5

The Best Kansas City Wedding Receptions Build To An Exciting Celebration

You’ve arrived at Part Five and the final installment of “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.” Over the previous 4 articles you discovered that creating a memorable and enjoyable Kansas City wedding reception is not as difficult as you may have imagined.

Part One provided the secrets for designing an extraordinarily magical and memorable wedding reception of your very own through 5 essential elements—M-A-G-I-C!



We also discussed how you don’t need a large wedding budget to have a great time or to create the kind of fun and entertaining Moments that will not only engage your guests, but will create the type of lasting Memories that your family and friends will talk about for years to come.

Part Two brought you the importance of Planning and Attention To Detail to keep your wedding reception from lagging and to make your guests eager to stay with you late into the night.

Part Three  of “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception” described 3, Guest Involvement activities out of hundreds that are not only entertaining, they’ll keep your guests wondering what other fun surprises you might have in store and even more excited to stay and dance the night away with you.

And finally, Part Four opened your Imagination to the unlimited possibilities that await when you allow your personalities to shine on your very special day.

Which bring us to:


 “5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 5:

Since you’ve devoted attention to the first 4 essential elements for designing your extraordinary wedding reception, the 5th element of Celebration becomes the “prize in the box,” the winning lottery ticket and the reward for all your hard work.

An Anniversary Dance Encourages Every Guest To Join In The Celebration Of Your Kansas City Wedding Reception.Because you filled your wedding reception with unforgettable moments, including the wedding toasts and the wedding first dance, that flowed seamlessly while fully engaging everyone in your creative and imaginative fun, there is no question, that when the dance floor opens, your friends and family will jump at the opportunity to party the night away with you. But, to better ensure that your efforts produce the greatest results, start your party with an Anniversary Dance. Done properly, it’s the perfect way to add just one more personal touch that publicly acknowledges the couple who has been married the longest and it assures that every guest will be on the dance floor at the moment the party music begins. Plus, the Anniversary Dance provides an excellent alternative to the traditional bouquet toss. The toss bouquet can be presented as a special gift to the longest married couple.

For more about the “how-to’s” of the Anniversary Dance and other fun, dance floor motivators to get your party started, check out our helpful articleCreating Fun Memories Beyond the Music.” Add any of these elements to the proper music selections that appeals to every guest (at least early on in your reception) and the perfect programming of your song selections, your dance floor will be full through the last song of your wedding reception.

Long after the music stops, you and your guests will marvel in the countless happy, romantic, and fun memories of your signature celebration. Your only disappointment will be that it had to come to an end.

We hope you’ve found “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception” useful and that you’ll be able to treat yourselves and your family and friends to a little MAGIC at your extraordinary wedding reception.

Stuck for ideas? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about designing and/or planning your wedding reception. Simply post them in the comment section.

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