5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 4

An Imaginative Kansas City Wedding Reception Will Take Your Breath Away

Welcome to part four of the five-part article, “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.” In part one you learned the secret of “M-A-G-I-C” and the importance of engaging your wedding guests early in your wedding reception with fun and entertaining moments that create lasting memories. In part two, you discovered the value of planning and attention to detail to produce a celebration that will make your guests eager to stay with you late into the night. Part three described three activities out of hundreds that are not only entertaining, they’ll keep your guests wondering what other fun surprises you might have in store for them and ready to pay attention to the most important moments and formalities of your celebration from the wedding toasts to the wedding first dance and more. Plus, they’ll be even more excited to stay and dance the night away with you and your new husband or wife.

Part four of “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception” is intended to tickle your imaginative spirit and remove whatever apprehensions you might have in letting your personalities shine on your very special day.


 “5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 4:

Extraordinary Kansas City wedding receptions share a common thread–they mirror the imaginative spirit of the bride & groom and possess a variety of surprises that leave guests talking about that special day for years to come.

Of the 5 essential elements for designing your extraordinary wedding celebration, tapping into your imagination is the most fun! Whether your ideas are subtle or a little outrageous, don’t hold back!

If you have a special talent that you love to share with others, include it! We recently had a groom sing to his bride just before their first dance. Another bride brought everyone to tears with a special that she sang to her mother. Wedding guests have also enjoyed specially choreographed dances and bits of magic.

If you prefer pie to cake, serve it! Cupcakes are still a phenomenal choice for newlyweds who wish to skip the traditional wedding cake. How about serving ice cream with all the fixin’s alongside your cake, pie or even wedding cookies?

A Great Kansas City Wedding Reception Treat. Ice Cream With All The Fixin's Served Along Side The Wedding Cake.

If you and your spouse want to forego the traditional formalities and get right to the party, have at it! Now days, some couples are removing the word “reception” and going right for the “celebration.”

If you want Darth Vader, along with his Stormtroopers, to escort you into the ballroom, let the force be with you! Yes…we actually worked with a couple of “Star Wars” fans who made this fun and memorable wedding reception moment happen in a big way. And, the guests loved it! If you’re a huge sports fan, consider sending an invitation to the mascots from the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs or KU, Kansas State and MU.

Royal's mascot, Sluggerr, Crashes A Kansas City Wedding Reception To The Delight Of The Bride & Groom

Photo: www.tracyrouthphoto.com/

Over the past few years, many couples have chosen to ignore the so-called traditional “rules of wedding receptions in favor of creating more imaginative celebrations. This is your day and you only get one shot at it. You might as well make the most of the opportunity and in a manner that will make you happy!

Being imaginative is not always an easy task because it involves extra thought, time, and effort to pull off something new and different. However, the payoff is always exciting! Remember the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” that went viral on YouTube.

Sticking with and following through on an imaginative idea is what helps you produce unexpected moments that exceed the expectations of your guests and provide memories that will continue to bring smiles year after year.


Get the Kansas City wedding Reception
of your dreams by design, not by default, and revel
in the compliments that come from
leaving other wedding receptions in the dust.

With a little imagination and a skilled Wedding Entertainment Director®, you can escape the pitfalls associated with the “McWedding “— the one-size-fits-all, “been there done that,” “saw the same thing last weekend” kind of wedding reception.

Come back soon for fifth and final installment of the five-part article, “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.”

Stuck for ideas? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about designing and/or planning your wedding reception. Simply post them in the comment section.

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