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Planning Your Kansas City Wedding Reception With Attention To Detail From Wedding Expert Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

Welcome to part two of the five-part article, “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.” In part one you learned the secret of “M-A-G-I-C” and the importance of engaging your wedding guests early in your wedding reception with fun and entertaining moments that create lasting memories. In part two, you’ll discover the value of planning and attention to detail to produce a celebration that will make your guests eager to stay with you late into the night.


 “5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 2

No doubt, this is likely your first time planning a wedding reception.

But sometimes, wedding planning can be overwhelming, and the many details that need to be addressed can be intimidating. Relieve your stress by making your first task that of developing a timeline for your wedding reception that provides an even-paced flow of events and formalities. In doing so, you will prevent your Kansas City wedding reception from flying by too quickly. A comprehensive timeline will also keep your once-in-a-lifetime event from coming to a standstill and boring your guests to tears. But, and this is important, be practical, respectful, and flexible with your wedding reception timeline.


…be practical, respectful and flexible
with your Kansas City wedding reception timeline.”

It is a given that, as the bride & groom, you are the guests of honor at your wedding reception. But, you are also the host of your celebration. Be respectful. Remember that guests are waiting on your arrival at the venue. Work with your photographer to organize and maximize the time for your post-wedding ceremony photos so you can arrive at the reception venue no later than an hour after your guests…45 minutes would be even better. To help you keep your wedding party together for the photos and to aid you in arriving at the venue in a timely manner, it would also be a good idea to prearrange for reliable wedding day transportation.

Expert Wedding Advice From Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment: Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions Include Attention To DetailVisiting every table to welcome each guest individually is certainly a polite thought. However, it adds an avoidable lull that will have many looking at their watches. Refer back to part one of this article where creating “Moments & Memories” was discussed. If you really want your guests to feel welcome and to know how glad you are that they have given of their time to be with you, treat them as guests in your home and keep them entertained.

Be practical in timeline assessments. On an average, it is not necessary to allow more than 45 minutes to an hour for dinner. As the guests of honor, you will most likely be served first. That means you’ll be done eating first and can move on to fun activities and/or wedding formalities that your guests can enjoy while they’re finishing their meals. Always remember, however, when it comes to which wedding reception traditions and formalities to include, there are no rules. Only include formalities that are meaningful and comfortable for the two of you.

If you choose to include a memory video as a scheduled activity in the wedding reception, limit your video to 7-8 minutes. Anything longer and your guests may quickly lose interest. However, a short and entertaining memory video can make for some fun, time filling “eye candy” as guests are waiting for the newlyweds to arrive at the venue or as a great transition between dinner and the wedding toasts.

Always remember that timelines are subjective. The unexpected can cause a need to hold off on certain activities or create a need to move forward, ahead of schedule. Either way, be flexible.

Once you’ve created your plan, share it with every member of your wedding reception team so they can help you stay on schedule. And, finally, assign someone with the responsibility of keeping you on track. But, whatever you do, make sure that “someone” isn’t you…or other family members!

Come back soon for part three of the five-part article, “5 Essential Elements for Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.”

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about designing your wedding reception. Simply post them in the comment section.


Read 5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 3
Getting Your Guests Involved.

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