4 Tips For First-Time Wedding Guests From A Wedding Insider

4 Tips For First-Time Wedding Guests At Kansas City Weddings From A Wedding Insider

The following article was written by guest contributor & wedding planner, Hilary Stroup.

Have truckloads of wedding invitations started getting dumped into your mailbox yet? If your answer is “yes,” then you know it’s officially summer wedding season in Kansas City. Attending a wedding means entering into an entirely different world of unwritten rules and etiquette. Like, who ever mandated that we can’t wear tiaras? I wish I had known that ahead of time. Not surprisingly, there’s a number of apps for planning a wedding.  Unfortunately, they’ve not come up with one for wedding guests—yet! While we all wait, I’d like to pass along some wedding etiquette wisdom with these 4 simple tips.

Wedding Dress Codes

Do you have any idea what “fancy ranch” means? I didn’t either. Wedding dress codes have been a little weird lately. It’s trendy to veer away from the traditional. So all the dress code rules your grandma told you about can basically go out the window. Luckily, because the rules have changed so much, almost all wedding invitations come with a specific dress code that lays out the rules for you. But before you get that perfect boho-fancy cocktail dress from Macys.com, you might want to double check with the engaged couple to be sure you’ve got the stamp of approval.

Getting A Wedding Date Do’s and Don’ts

Ladies, don’t start calling every eligible bachelor in your little black book just yet. Some weddings are intended to be small. And not only is attending a wedding expensive for guests, but the bride and groom may be on a tight wedding budget, which means a date for every invited guest is double the expense for them. Wedding experts at The Knot argue that unless you see the phrase “and guest” on the invite, you’ll just have to go solo and relive the event with your boyfriend on Facebook instead. But, be careful what you post about the newlywed’s wedding to any form of social media, especially those things you may not care for as much as the happy couple. You don’t want to gain the reputation as a wedding tweeting twit.

Wedding Registries and Gifts

Wedding registries are another one of those details new wedding attendees need to be aware of. It’s considered somewhat tacky to include the registry information in the invitation, so you’ll need to contact someone close with the couple to get the deets about the registry. It used to be a taboo to give gift cards and cash, but now it’s both acceptable and common. Gift cards will often be listed on the registry, whereas cash is a more hush-hush gift that will be spread by word-of-mouth, so keep your ears open.

Traditional Wedding Activities

Okay, is it just me or is the garter toss more than a little awkward? If you’re the one throwing the wedding, Apartment Therapy says you definitely don’t have to feel obligated to add those kinds of sometimes seemingly archaic wedding activities to your list. If you’re a wedding guest, you may not want to participate in them, either. I want to get married as much as the next girl, but you won’t find me wrestling the maid of honor for some wilting flowers to prove it.

Wedding receptions in Kansas City are supposed to be carefree celebrations about love and unity, but let’s face it, weddings can be downright stressful. Knowing what’s expected of you as a first-time wedding guest will make the experience of attending more enjoyable for everyone.

About Hillary Stroup: Hillary Stroup is a wedding veteran with an MBA to boot. After years of bridesmaid duty, she decided she was fully versed in the art of weddings and opened her own wedding planning business. Since then she has become an expert at saving brides from impending bridezilla moments.

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