Giving A Memorable Wedding Toast | Tips, Tricks & Advice

Almost every Kansas City wedding reception includes at least one wedding toast from the Best Man, Maid of Honor and/ or parents. Don't dread the task of writing or presenting a wedding toast. Here's a few wedding toast tips, tricks and some advice from Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, to make the task simple and memorable.

If you’ve been asked to deliver a wedding toast or speech at a Kansas City wedding reception, you’ve also been handed an excellent opportunity to shine and to create a lasting memory for the Bride & Groom and their family and friends. There’s no need to dread the task of writing or presenting your wedding toast, unless you fail to prepare. Here’s a thumbnail look at a few wedding toast basics to make your task easy.

• First, your toast should be light, fun, and appropriate for all ears.

• Be succinct and prepare notes with bullet points to assure that you say everything you intended. Rambling and bumbling can lead to saying something you might wish you hadn’t said.

• Guests’ attention spans are short.  So, keep your wedding toast brief…3 minutes is ideal.

• It’s OK to include fun memories or stories, but exclude inside jokes that the majority of guests will not comprehend.

• Be sure to mention, both, the Bride & Groom in your wedding toast, even if you only know one or the other.

• Finally, if you’re suddenly at a loss for words, try the old standby, “I’m so happy for you two. Cheers!” It never goes out of style.

That’s the basics. Don’t ignore the details. The following, “How To” videos on giving wedding toasts are presented by a lineup of experts. They’ll explain what works and what to avoid. From time-tested tips to hilarious horror stories, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make your wedding toast memorable.

Now that you know how to write the toast, you’ll really appreciate these tips from wedding experts, speech coaches, comedians, and former White House speechwriters on how to deliver an extraordinarily memorable wedding toast. This your fail-safe checklist before taking the mic.

Want even more information? Check out these “10 Tips For Giving A Wedding Toast & Wedding Speech” from Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment. Here are five examples of  five, fun but very different types of wedding toasts. Not all will fit your style or the personality of the Bride & Groom. But, perhaps, they’ll inspire you and help to get your creative juices flowing.

Well, that’s it. You should have enough material to help you write and present an absolutely amazing wedding toast. With that said, it’s only fitting that we close with a toast of our own. Here’s to you! May you shine like the brightest star. Cheers! Request A Consultation With Kansas City Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment. Feel free to share this article and to leave your comments and wedding toast tips and recommendations in the comment section. Headline Image:

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