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Collaboration. It’s a trait that engaged couples rarely consider while assembling their wedding team. Most Brides & Grooms-to-be look only at a wedding professional’s individual talent and skills before reserving their services. But, when it comes to planning a wedding reception, two, three or even four heads are always better than one. If you really want to enjoy an extraordinary celebration, it is equally, if not more, important that your team of wedding professionals are not only proficient in their field of expertise, but that they are eager to accept a cooperative role as a collaborator, as well.


“Genuine collaboration between wedding professionals
is key to creating wedding magic
that would not happen otherwise.”

Picture your wedding reception as an Academy Award winning film. Those movies may begin with one person’s original concept but they are not the work of one individual. They are a part of a much larger collaborative effort that involves the talents and creative eye of everyone from the writer to the producer, director, actors, composers, sound technicians and set, lighting and costume designers. These and so many other skilled people contribute to a film’s success. They still perform their individual tasks but they do so with a cooperative and collective focus on the final, awe-inspiring product we enjoy in the theatres and can’t wait to tell our friends about.

Now, imagine your wedding reception, created and produced with the same collaborative spirit as a blockbuster movie, with each of your wedding professionals sharing the same collective focus towards an award-winning reception. Imagine every member of your wedding team from your florist to your photographer and your wedding planner to your wedding DJ taking your concept of the ideal wedding reception and working hand in hand to transform it into the ultimate in unforgettably fun wedding receptions.

So how do you find wedding professionals who are ready to exceed your expectations through collaboration?

According to a survey completed by a number of wedding professionals, representing a variety of expertise, engaged couples should seek out the following collaborative traits:

• Wedding professionals who place value on friendly relationships with others in the industry, respect trust as a non-negotiable trait and who believe that a productive exchange of ideas begins with an imaginative spirit.

• Wedding Professionals who ask “Why not?” and approach every possibility with a “Yes, if…” attitude.

• Wedding professionals who challenge the boundaries of ideas and are not bound to traditional solutions.

• Wedding professionals who see value in every contribution from every member of the wedding team.

Wedding professionals who listen to the ideas of others and are able to build upon them while remaining loyal to the original concept.

Genuine collaboration between wedding professionals is key to creating wedding magic that would not happen otherwise. It is your opportunity, as a Bride & Groom, to not only see your ideal reception come to life but to know it will live on as a truly unique, cherished memory for years to come.

Please share this article and your thoughts. Is collaboration something you feel important to the success of your wedding reception? What other traits do you look for in the members of your wedding team? We’d love to hear from you.

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