VIDEO: “5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!’ Your Wedding Guests”

Kansas City Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth, Presents - 5 Fun And Easy Ways To WOW Your Wedding Guests - Available For Free On DVD.

The Highly Acclaimed Presentation
5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!’ Your Wedding Guests
Presented By Kansas City Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth,
Is Now Available FREE On DVD.

It’s the dream of every engaged couple like you. When it comes to your wedding reception, the first party you’ll host as husband and wife, you want your family and friends to be so entertained, engaged and having fun that they all tell you “WOW! This is the best wedding reception I’ve ever attended!”

Your expectations are no different than most brides and grooms-to-be, but the challenge you face is knowing the secrets to designing and planning an exciting and memorable wedding reception that WOW’s your wedding guests and has them talking about it for years to come. 

Not to worry. The help you need can be found in my video 5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!’ Your Wedding Guests.” As a long-time Kansas City wedding DJ, wedding professional & certified Wedding Entertainment Director®, I’ll provide you with expert advice and details that will allow you to “WOW!” your wedding guests with an unforgettably fun wedding reception.

You’ll discover how to:

1. Include new and entertaining twists that add excitement to typical wedding reception activities.

2. The simple, yet often overlooked, secrets to assuring that you and your guests have the most extraordinary time of your lives.

3. Fun, easy and creative ways to celebrate your happiness through personal touches that transform “average” wedding receptions into exceptional signature events.

4. Expert guidance and advice on how to plan and organize your celebration to keep your guests entertained from the moment they walk through the door to the last dance of the evening.

5. Insider’s secrets that will make your guests say “WOW! That was the best wedding reception…ever!”

And as a bonus…the 5 fun & easy “WOW!” ideas add nothing to your budget!

Check out the first 2 chapters of “5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!’ Your Wedding Guests” in the video below.


Receive A FREE Copy Of The Complete Presentation,
5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW! Your Wedding Guests,
As My Gift!

No doubt you found the first 2 chapters of “5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!’ Your Wedding Guests” helpful. Now you’ll want and need the remaining valuable tips to assure that you and your guests have the time of your lives. There’s only one way to get the 3 remaining and incredibly fun & easy ways to “WOW!” your wedding guests ideas…simply schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can discuss the details of your wedding reception.

For your time, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the complete “5 Fun & Easy Ways To ‘WOW!” Your Wedding Guests” presentation on DVD which includes well over a dozen, additional fun & exciting ideas that you can easily include in your wedding reception. Even if you decide my DJ services are not the right fit for you, you’ll leave our conversation with a ton of great information that will most certainly “WOW!” your wedding guests for years to come.

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