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Kansas City Wedding Reception Tips & Advice For Creating An Extraordinary Celebration

Ask anyone to tell you their most vivid memory of the last Kansas City wedding reception they attended. Chances are that a majority of the people you ask will struggle to come up with one. So much of that has to do with how routine wedding receptions have become. Everything is done in the same order and in the same way. Only the names have changed. There’s no imaginative spirit. BORING! It’s no wonder guests tune out or, worse yet, leave early.

Fun, elegant, romantic, memorable, engaging, personal, and imaginative are just a few words that are used to describe an extraordinary wedding reception; the kind of celebration that your family and friends will talk about for years to come. No doubt you’d like your wedding reception to be unforgettably fun, as well. The good news is that you don’t have to increase your wedding budget to have a great time. What may be more challenging is knowing how to produce the wedding reception you’ve always imagined .

Over the course of five blog articles, you’re invited to explore the “5 Essential Elements For Designing Your Extraordinary Wedding Reception.” You’ll learn insider’s secrets and a few simple, often overlooked steps you can take to engage, entertain and “WOW!” your wedding guests.


5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 1

5 Essential Elements For Designing Your Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception By Ron Ruth, Kansas City Wedding DJ EntertainmentRemember that wedding reception you went to where, from the moment you walked into the ballroom, you knew somehow, that this one was going to be different? Do you remember, as the evening flowed so seamlessly, how you were suddenly and quite unexpectedly caught up in every emotional moment…each an unmistakable reflection of the bride & groom’s personality and style?

And, do you recall how surprised you were to be laughing, enjoying yourself and having so much fun that when the dance floor opened, you just had to be one of the first to join in the celebration? Your only disappointment was that it all had to come to an end.

No doubt you remember that wedding reception because it is was so extraordinary and you feel lucky to have been an invited guest. Every minute of the experience was exactly what you’ve imagined for your own wedding reception.

As someone who has been in the wedding industry in the Kansas City area for over two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing what matters most to brides and grooms as they plan for their wedding receptions. Although priorities may differ with each couple, they all wish for one thing – an unforgettably fun wedding reception for themselves and their family & friends.

Creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding reception is not out of your reach. Whether you’ve contracted a wedding DJ or have chosen to go it alone, you can easily have the Kansas City wedding reception of your dreams by embracing the power of M-A-G-I-C!

 M-A-G-I-Crepresents 5 essential elements that will help you as you begin designing an extraordinarily magical and memorable wedding reception of your very own. Those 5 elements are:


Essential Wedding Reception Element #1:

This is your one day. You don’t have to settle for a carbon copy of every other wedding reception. Really!

Your celebration should be an unmistakable reflection of your individual personality and style. Fill it with personal touches to create moments that showcase who you are, what you share in common, and what you and your fiancé enjoy the most.

As an example, let’s look at a typical tradition that occurs at almost every wedding reception; the introduction of the wedding party. In most cases, the members of the wedding party are introduced by name only with no mention of why they were chosen to be a part of one of the most important days in the bride & groom’s lives.

What usually gets forgotten in those introductions by most couples is that the members of the wedding party are friends, first, and attendants, second. By treating your wedding party as friends you have an awesome opportunity to add a personal touch that can be both fun and memorable.

“By treating your wedding party as friends,
you have an awesome opportunity to add
a personal touch that can be fun and memorable.”

Fun Wedding Party Introductions Are An Essential Element For Engaging & Entertaining Guests In a Bride & Groom's Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception.Here’s an easy idea. As your wedding party members are being introduced, share the stories of why you invited them to participate in your very special day. Imagine introducing one friend to another. You wouldn’t just say “This is John (or Jane).” You might tell how and where you met, what they do for a living, and their hobbies. Maybe you’d share a funny story about something they’ve done, what they’re famous for, and/or include a particularly happy memory you have of them while growing up, going to school, while out on the town, etc.

Entertaining, personalized introductions set the tone for your celebration and engage your guests early on. Your guests still might not remember all of your wedding party members’ names, but they’ll remember the little details of your relationship to them. And, if done properly, those introductions will add an element of fun that will have your guests paying attention and wondering what other surprises are still ahead.


…keep guests emotionally engaged…
tell the story of your love and the personal journey
that led you and your fiancé to your ‘happily ever after.'”

Another great way to keep guests emotionally engaged is to tell the story of your love and the personal journey that led you and your fiancé to your “happily ever after.” Most wedding guests know two things…2 people fell in love and got married. What they don’t know is the back story, the intriguing details of the fun and romance that lead to your “I do’s.

A Bride & Groom's Love Story Is An Essential Element For Creating Fun, Laughter And An Extraordinarily Memorable Kansas City Wedding Reception. Imagine the smiles, the laughter, and the happiness of your guests as the story of when and how you met, your first kiss, when you realized you had fallen in love, and your very romantic proposal unfolds. Write the story for a close friend or for your wedding DJ to share as a part of the bride and groom’s introduction or perhaps as dinner is coming to a close. Or, write it as a fun “radio play,” and cast your wedding party to play the important roles…including you, the bride and groom.

These are just a couple out of hundreds of ideas to engage your guests and touch on their emotions and actively involve them early on in your wedding reception. With a little imagination, you can transform everyone in attendance into an audience that is hesitant to leave their seats for fear that they might miss out on the next exciting, fun thing while creating moments and memories that elevate ordinary wedding receptions to extraordinarily memorable celebrations.


Read 5 Essential Elements For Designing Your
Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception
.” Part 2

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