Wonder What A Wedding DJ Really Does? Here’s A Glimpse!

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Ever wonder what a skilled wedding DJ really does? Yes, we play music. But, behind the scenes the most proficient DJ professionals do far more. We assure the well-being of the couples who entrust us with their special day while remaining focused on a steadfast commitment to bring them an unforgettably fun wedding reception.

Wedding DJ, Anna-Jeannine Herman

Anna-Jeannine Herman

My friend, Anna-Jeannine Herman, a talented wedding DJ and, with her husband Justin, owner of Something New Entertainment in Akron, OH , has blogged her thoughts. In her article, Anna points to the extra little things we do as entertainers that most people never see or ever imagined as unspoken functions of a wedding DJ’s job description.

Besides our obvious ability to play music, a task that is synonymous with being a “disc jockey,” Anna adds that we are also a couple’s acoustical expert, live sound technician, electrician, board operator, roadie, engineer, Master of Ceremonies, dancer, designer, comedian, actor, often a motivator, coordinator, facilitator, confidant, cheerleader, and advocate. I would add music programmer, planner, script writer, director, counselor, technician, problem-solver, innovator, imagineer, creative partner, sometimes team leader and granter of  wishes to that list, as well.

For me, these numerous designations and responsibilities are not a chore. To the contrary. They make what I do even more enjoyable. That enjoyment drives a passion to not only excel at doing all of these things extremely well, but to exceed every couple’s expectations in the process. And, week after week, couple after couple, I’m given the amazing opportunity, as a  wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™ , to utilize my talent and expertise to do the unimaginable; to quietly and efficiently complete these obscure responsibilities, transforming them into the magic that brings another dream to life. How cool is that?

Thanks Anna-Jeannine Herman for inspiring me to write this blog article and for sharing your art work. And, thank you for reminding every wedding DJ of their awesome. all encompassing responsibilities and for making Brides and Grooms aware of what they can really expect from a proven professional.

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