Top 25 Wedding DJ Interview Questions To Ask BEFORE Price!

Top 25 Kansas City Wedding DJ Questions To Ask Before Price

So you’re thinking about hiring a wedding DJ for your Kansas City wedding reception. You pick up the phone or send an email and inquire, “How much do you charge?” Seems like a reasonable first question, right? Not really!

You see, when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ in Kansas City or anywhere, it’s not the same as shopping for a can of corn. Corn is canned under the banner of a number of brand names that are closely priced the same. But, even if you toss the cheapest, generic brand with the black and yellow label into your shopping cart, it’s still guaranteed to be corn and will taste exactly the same as a can of corn that comes from a more expensive, recognizable brand. No surprises here!

Wedding DJs, however, are human and we all know that no two humans are exactly alike. Each has their own distinct style and personality and varying levels of skill, talent, experience and even expertise. So, unlike a half-dozen brands of canned corn sitting on the grocery store shelf, not every wedding DJ is going to “taste (perform) exactly the same” nor is there any guarantee, whether you spend a little or a lot, that just any wedding DJ you throw into your shopping cart is capable of delivering the results you want, need or expect. There could be some big, unpleasant surprises when you “open the can” …if you don’t know the right questions to ask before getting to price.

Before making an inquiry, be prepared. You and your fiancé should have an idea of:

• How much you have budgeted for all aspects of your wedding reception
• Your top priorities (i.e.: food, flowers, décor, entertainment, etc.)
• Whether you need assistance with ceremony music and the wedding reception
• Your preferred wedding date
• Your vision for your wedding reception (NOTE: Try to come up with at least 3 adjectives that best describe how you want your wedding reception to be. If you have trouble—getting help is one reason why you’re hiring a professional wedding DJ!)

During the wedding DJ interview, know what to expect. 

Quality, professional wedding DJs will spend the first 20 minutes or so of an initial consultation getting to know more about you and your fiancé and your specific wants and needs. Don’t let that part of the process intimidate you. It’s the only way they can offer fun ideas that fit your personality and style and determine how and if their services will best satisfy your needs.

Be wary of wedding DJs who immediately begin their conversation with you by talking about themselves, their services or their music library and equipment. Just because a wedding DJ has the tools to do the job, doesn’t mean they have the talent, skill or business acumen to come close to meeting your expectations or that they will devote the necessary time to provide you and your bride or groom-to-be with an extraordinary experience or a memorable occasion. 


Here Are Our TOP 25,
To Ask BEFORE Price And Why!

1.    Do you have our wedding date open?
2.    How long have you been a wedding DJ?
3.    At how many weddings have you performed?

Although the questions of experience are important, the answers are not always indicative of quality. More on this topic as we move forward.

4.    Are you a certified Wedding Entertainment Director®?

Wedding Entertainment Directors® are a new and growing brand of wedding DJ that has grown in popularity with brides and grooms. WEDs®, have verifiably proven an incomparable skill set that assures engaged couples of only the highest quality attention to detail, talent, creative expertise and personalization. 

Visit the Wedding Entertainment Directors® website to learn more about the value of contracting a certified WED® for your wedding reception.

5.    Is DJing your full-time job?

If the DJ is a part-timer, you’ll know in advance that it may take longer for him or her to respond to your questions and concerns as you plan for your wedding reception and that the amount of time they can devote to planning and preparation may be limited. Their answer may also indicate if they are simply a “hobbyist” with no formal training or formidable skill.

6.    Have you worked at our venue before?
7.    What, if any, are the entertainment or sound challenges of our venue?
 (i.e.: acoustics, room layout, etc.)
8.    How will you overcome those challenges?

Although it should not be imperative that the wedding DJ you are interviewing have experience working in your venue, they should volunteer to visit that venue prior to the reception planning process. That will allow them to offer you solutions to any challenges that may take away from the fun you want. As an example, an “L” shaped room can hinder guests’ engagement and may require additional speakers for proper distribution of sound. A room that doesn’t have carpeting but has high ceilings and walls of brick or marble can create acoustical challenges. When it comes to sound clarity in that environment, less sound is often better than more. Challenges like these are what make the next question so important.

9.    Will you conduct a venue walk-through with us to discuss the proper room layout?
10.  Can you/will you help us create a timeline and flow for our wedding reception?

The absolute best wedding receptions are well planned and organized. Nothing puts a damper on having fun or has guests scoping out the exits like avoidable lulls. The absolute best wedding DJs will help you develop a timeline and flow for your celebration that keeps your guests engaged and allows the event to flow smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

How essential is it to keep your guests engaged? Read “5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 1” on the Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment blog. Learn more about the importance of planning in “5 Elements For An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 2.”

11.  How far in advance of our reception will you begin working with us on planning?
12.  How often and how many times will you meet with us prior to our wedding reception?
13.  Are there limits to the number of times we can contact you for assistance?

A quality wedding DJ will be excited to assist you in designing and planning your idea of the ideal wedding reception. Many times, however, that process will require a number of meetings to assure that your every wish and the most minute details have been addressed. Besides  expertise, the exorbitant amount of time invested in preparation for your wedding reception is what makes some wedding DJs fees higher than others.

Certified Wedding Entertainment Director® and Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, takes you behind the scenes of a professional DJ’s extraordinary wedding reception preparation in an interview on, “A Look At The Cost Of A Wedding MC & DJ.”

Top 25 Kansas City Wedding DJ Interview Questions Download

14.   Are you a member of any wedding and/or DJ industry association(s)?
15.   If so, does your association require you to satisfy yearly education requirements?
16.   What specialized DJ, Master of Ceremonies or wedding training have you completed?

The questions of association affiliation, education and training speak directly to how seriously the wedding DJ you’re interviewing looks at their profession and how committed they are to continually improving at their craft.

17.   What is the most creative or personalized touch you’ve added to a wedding reception?

This question shines a very bright light on the wedding DJ’s experience, talent and creativity. The answer should also demonstrate what makes a professional DJ so special and whether you and your fiancé will be valued as unique individuals while having your every expectation exceeded.

Explore the value of imagination when adding personal touches to your wedding reception in the Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment blog article “5 Elements Of An Extraordinary Wedding Reception | Part 4.”

18.   Do you have video examples of you in performance?

It is neither appropriate, professional or polite for a wedding DJ to invite you to another couple’s wedding reception. Would you want an uninvited stranger making an appearance at yours? But, a truly professional wedding DJ should be able to show you unedited video of themselves in performance. Besides the typical footage of a dance floor full of guests, make certain you see them speaking on a microphone to assure that they are articulate, as well.

19.   How involved can we be in music selection?

If music is important to you,  then the question of your involvement in music selection is particularly vital. A wedding DJ who invests the time in getting to know you will also try to gain a pretty good feel for your taste in music. It’s never a good idea to pre-select every song of the evening. However, if you want to make absolutely certain that your favorite music selections are included, ask if you may submit a “must-play” list or even a “do-not-play” list. And, perhaps even more importantly, make certain that the DJ is willing to accept requests from your guests. An experienced wedding DJ will be able to mix in all requests while also playing music selections that are proven to appeal to guests of every age.

20.   If you don’t have a song that we want, do we need to provide it or will you get it?
21.   Do you have back-up equipment available on-site?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. We’ve all had computers and other electrical devices breakdown on us at the most inopportune time. No DJ, regardless of cost, is immune from the possibility of the unexpected but they should be prepared for that eventuality. If your wedding DJ does not have backup equipment readily available in that situation, your guests will not hang around and wait for it to arrive and your wedding reception will end far earlier than you anticipated. Make certain that the promise of on-site backup equipment is included in the DJ’s contract.

22.   Are you the DJ that will be performing at our event?
Will you GUARANTEE that in writing?
23.   If you are not the DJ performing at our reception,
can we meet the DJ who will be performing BEFORE signing a contract?

Some wedding DJ companies operate with multiple DJs who are either employees of the company or sub-contractors. There are no guarantees that they share the same level of skill or professionalism and often times they are individuals just looking for a way to make a few extra bucks with little to no training. Proceed with great caution if you’re not able to meet face-to-face with the DJ performing at your wedding reception prior to contracting. Who knows what you might get?

Making certain that a wedding DJ provides you with a signed contract is essential in protecting your best interest. Read “10 Wedding Contract Tips From Rock Legend David Lee Roth” on the Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment blog

24.   Do you have liability insurance?

Every legitimate business owner carries liability insurance to protect you and themselves against costly damages or injuries they may cause. Some venues also require a certificate of liability from the wedding professionals who perform any service in their location. Don’t just ask if the DJ Company has liability insurance, ask to see a copy of a certificate.

25.   Do you contract more than one client per weekend or per weekend day?
How many weddings will you do the weekend and/or the day of our wedding?

There are a number of reasons why these questions are important. They speak to how much focus the DJ is going to give solely to your wedding reception, how attentive they will be to your needs at your wedding reception and whether their commitment to another couple will cause them to be late to your wedding reception.

After the interview is complete, ask yourselves:

• Did we feel heard?
• Does the DJ understand our vision?
• Do we have confidence in the DJ’s talent and expertise?
• Was there a good connection and did our personalities mesh well?

Listen to your gut. If an interview doesn’t feel right, then maybe that person just isn’t a good fit for you. Your wedding DJ is someone you’ll be spending a great deal of time with and who will be representing you every time they speak on a microphone. So it’s extremely important to pick someone who’s compatible with you and your fiancé and, above all, someone you like and who makes you feel confidant that he or she will give you their all.

Now that you’re satisfied that the wedding DJ(s) you’ve interviewed are right for you, it’s time for the big question of “How much do you charge?” There may be some disparity in fees based on skill, talent, experience, creativity and demand that you’ll need to weigh against your budget. But the good news is, since you’ve done your homework and asked the right questions, you’ll be able to select the best Kansas City wedding DJ for you. And, just like opening a can of corn, you’ll be less likely to come across any disappointing surprises.

Have a question you’d like to ask or add to our list? You’re invited to leave them in the comments!

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