Kansas City Bridal Show Tips – Part III

Prepare For The "After-Show, After-Shock!
Prepare For The “After-Show, After-Shock!

Through “Enjoying The Bridal Show Experience: Part I – Think Ahead!” and “Enjoying The Bridal Show Experience: Part II – Taking It All In!,” you learned how to prepare for a Bridal Show and what to expect. That brings us to the final installment.

“Enjoying The Bridal Show Experience: Part III – The After-Show,

Before we go too far, readers are reminded that Wedding Professionals invest quite a bit of their marketing budget to participate in a Bridal Show. Between booth rental fees, booth decoration cost, booth labor, Bridal Show bag inserts, advertising, etc, a professional can invest as much as $2000-$4000 for the few hours available to them to promote their goods and/or services to you. It should not come as a surprise to anyone that their investment comes back to them, not just in “day of” sales, but at the conclusion of the Bridal Show, as well. Participating Wedding Professionals will be given a list of names, including contact information, for each Bride and Groom that came through the doors. And, it should be understood that at least some of those professionals will, in all likelihood, contact couples via phone, email or direct mail to ask for their business.

With that said, remain calm and polite. You have the power to say “no” or “remove me from your list” at anytime to professionals you do not wish to pursue. Realize that you are not being “spammed” unless a Wedding Professional ignores your request. Most will not contact you, again, if asked not to do so.

Hopefully, you followed the tip presented in Part I of this article and set-up a separate email account, specifically related to your wedding, and that email address is the one you used when you registered for the Bridal Show. Before you go crazy deleting all of the emails you’ll receive from professionals after the show, read them. Remember that you probably registered for contests and the email you just deleted could be informing you that you’ve won an all expense paid honeymoon in Hawaii! And, sometimes a Wedding Professional will make additional free or discounted offers through a post-show, direct mail or email marketing campaign.

Before summarily dumping the bag of information given you when you attended the Bridal Show, go through it and make sure you’re not losing out on other free offers or discounts that may appeal to you. Do it soon, however. Many offers may expire within a few days of the show. Some professionals may have slipped in a surprise or 2 in the form of a random prize, as well.

Immediately contact the Wedding Professionals that offered goods or services that most interested you and arrange to meet with them as soon as possible. If, at the show, you’ve already made an appointment, send a meeting confirmation via email so they, hopefully, won’t book your date before you’ve had a chance to meet. Remember, the primary reason a Wedding Professional exhibits at a Bridal Show is to book their open dates. And, if you really want their service or product for your wedding ceremony or wedding celebration, you need to act quickly before someone beats you to it.

One additional note from Part II  of this article that is worth repeating, Kansas City Bridal Shows only represent a sampling of the hundreds of Wedding Professionals in the metro with the expertise to help you achieve your dreams. Your perfect “choice,” both in skill and personality may not have participated at all. Make sure to explore all of your options before making critical decisions.

Most likely, you have enjoyed or will soon enjoy a Kansas City Bridal Show. It is hoped that you found the tips presented in all 3 articles of value. Feel free to leave a suggestion or 2 of your own. I’m always eager to share additional perspectives from other Wedding Professionals and Brides and Grooms.

To obtain a complete list of my Bridal Show Tips, including many more not included in this article, send an email to ron@kc-wedding-dj.com and I’ll send you the list.

Ron Ruth is a certified, Wedding Entertainment Director™, owner of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment and has authored and presented a number of seminars and workshops designed to assist Brides and Grooms enjoy extraordinarily fun wedding celebrations. Ron has also been a featured speaker at regional DJ conferences and local, professional associations.

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