Kansas City Bridal Show Tips – Part I

Kansas City Bridal Show
Kansas City Bridal Show

If you’re one of the thousands of Kansas City area couples that got engaged over the holidays, congratulations! No doubt you’re very excited about your wedding day and are equally anxious to get started with the planning process and the selection of the Wedding Professionals that can help you create your idea of the ideal wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

A very popular starting point for engaged couples is to attend one or more of the dozens of Kansas City Metro Bridal Shows that are scheduled for the first quarter of 2010.

Kansas City Bridal Shows are fun, a great way to meet a wide variety of Wedding Professionals and get up to date information on the latest wedding trends. With so many details at your disposal in a relatively short period of time, it’s also very easy to suffer from information overload.  Not to worry! Over the next 3 articles I’ll provide a few helpful tips to make the Bridal Show experience more enjoyable for you and your fiancé.

” Enjoying The Kansas City Bridal Show Experience: Part I – Think Ahead!”

Set-up an email address that is dedicated to all things wedding related. By doing so, it will be easier to keep track of emails sent from wedding professionals without filling up your personal inbox. And, with a dedicated email address, you and your fiancé will both have access to all of the information you receive without the hassle of forwarding correspondences back and forth.

Take advantage of special discounts just for registering early. You’ll also avoid wasted time completing a registration form at the door. Better yet, ask a wedding professional you’ve contacted prior to the Bridal Show if they are participating and find out if they have tickets to give away. Don’t be shy. Odds are they do and have just been waiting for someone to ask. You should, however, be polite and return their generosity by stopping by their booth.

If possible, establish a budget before attending the Bridal Show. If you don’t know exactly what you want to spend on the many options available, make a top 10 list of your “can’t live withouts.” From flowers and food to decor and entertainment to the cake and those colorful M&M’s with your names printed on the candy coated shell and everything in between, list your wants and needs in order of priority. Doing so will keep you focused on obtaining what is most important to you. Having predetermined selections will also remind you where you can be flexible should a portion of your budget need to be redirected from your least important preference to cover a more costly, #1 priority.

Go to a Bridal Show ready to have fun, shop and maybe even win a valuable prize from one of the many Wedding Professionals you’ll meet. But, filling out numerous contest registrations can be time consuming. So, create and print labels in advance that include the Bride & Groom’s name, mailing and email address, phone number and wedding date. Simply stick those labels on each entry. Double check registrations before you drop them in the box, however, in case additional information is required. (Note: By completing a contest registration, you are giving the vendor permission to contact you after the show.)

Between the cake tasting, food sampling, conversations with a number of Wedding Professionals and taking in the ever popular fashion show, plan on a 3-5 hour outing.

You’re ready to go but don’t head out the door yet! Come back next time for “Enjoying The Kansas City Bridal Show Experience: Part II – Taking It All In!”


To obtain a complete list of my Bridal Show Tips, including many more not included in this article, send an email to ron@kc-wedding-dj.com and I’ll send you the list.

Ron Ruth is a certified, Wedding Entertainment Director™, owner of Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment and has authored and presented a number of seminars and workshops designed to assist Brides and Grooms enjoy extraordinarily fun wedding celebrations. Ron has also been a featured speaker at regional DJ conferences and local, professional associations.

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