Jennifer Darmon & Mike Belawitz Celebrate A Wedding Dream Come True

Every wedding is, in some fashion or another, a fairy tale come true for Kansas City Brides & Grooms.

But, for newlyweds Jennifer Darmon & Mike Belawitz, their Detroit wedding ceremony this past Saturday, April 16th, 2011, brought a fairy tale dream to life! 

From ABC

Jennifer Darmon walked down the aisle on her wedding day this weekend, which was a particularly moving moment since she has been confined to a wheel chair since a crippling car crash in 2008.

On Saturday, the radiant bride strode to the altar with the help of leg braces and a decorated metal walker. That short but momentous stroll came after years of intense therapy and a vow she made to ABC’s “World News” March 25.

“You know, picturing your wedding, you don’t picture rolling down the aisle,” she said after she was chosen as the “World News” Person of the Week. “You picture the walk with your dad. It’s the most important thing. I will be walking down the aisle. It’s not an if or a maybe. It’s absolutely going to happen.”

Darmon, 28, made good on her promise and said “I do” to Mike Belawetz, 25 this past Saturday.

Read the rest of their wedding story here.

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