For the Trendy Groom: Tuxedo Alternatives

Is your groom wanting to make a statement on your wedding day. Say.. something outside the “tux” box? The cover-bun times have changed, and more and more men are wanting to reflect their personality and style  through their wardrobe and wedding accessories. Here are a few styles and accessories to add to your attire for the big day.


The Vintage

The vintage groom’s attire usually consists mainly of dress pants, suspenders, a plain white button-up and a tie. A hat is optional and could be changed to a bowler, instead of a golf cap. The bow-tie can also be swapped for a skinny-tie.


The Chuck Taylor

Converse’s Chuck Taylor sneaker is an option in place of dress shoes. This is a move viable option because it allows you to keep the tuxedo with just a splash of flair. Grandma would be much quicker to brush this off than the kilt, Dumb & Dumber or the Vegas. Use those examples to calm her down.


The Destination

A lesson can be learned from those grooms getting married at a destination wedding. A simple khaki, white shirt and dress shoe combination goes a long way.


The Dumb & Dumber 

It may be too late for your bride to turn away by the time she sees you at the altar in your Dumb & Dumber suit.However, she may hate you forever. It’s okay. You’ll be too busy giving out high fives and sword-fighting to care.



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