Anonymous Photographer Blasts Wedding Bloggers

I’ll admit…I surf wedding blogs looking for fun, unique or creative innovation in wedding trends. I “troll” for wedding DJ entertainment inspiration that I can either share with my readers or, better yet, present to the Kansas City Brides & Grooms who have chosen me as their creative partner.

Admittedly, a majority of the wedding blogs I frequent are more inclined to post photos then a clear narrative of the wedding day activities, the planning or the invaluable contributions of talent from every member of the wedding team that went into making it all happen. And, yeah, I see a certain redundancy on many sites.

It’s rare to find a blog post about weddings that does anything but bring about a smile or a sense of fantasy.

Boom! Wedding Photographer Blasts Wedding BloggersLast week, however, the Hindsight Bride blog, posted a letter from an anonymous wedding photographer who blasts wedding bloggers. The title of the letter was “Dear Wedding Bloggers, You Suck!

The title certainly caught my eye and, as one might expect, it captured the attention of a large number of bloggers and Brides who had an equally large number of opinions about it. According to information from another wedding blog, the article caused such a ruckus that a sudden boost in visitor traffic to the Hindsight Bride site caused it to crash for part of the day.

The original letter and the 200 plus comments that followed can be found HERE. The focus of the letter was that wedding bloggers all feature gorgeous weddings that are out of reach for Brides that lack “craftsy” creativity or budget. The unknown writer complained that these wedding blogs make some Brides feel insecure and that they should feature every sort of wedding…including the most simple affairs. 

Even the Brides on the Weddingbee, and Wedding Belles forums got involved in offering opinions.

Other than the comments posted in the comment section of the original Hindsight Bride post, there’s been little in the way of rebuttal from other wedding bloggers. Although, Love My Dress, a UK wedding blog, fires back in great detail! She also includes some amazing wedding photos that convey her belief that every bride is beautiful.

On the A Man to Fish blog, photographer Todd Reichman presents a differing perspective…that photographers should quit worrying about wedding blogs!

As a Kansas City wedding DJ & Wedding Entertainment Director, I think of blogging as an opportunity to provide fun ideas and creative wedding reception inspiration. The Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment  blog is focused on wedding entertainment, with an emphasis on substance over style. I choose to illustrate the very best elements of every wedding reception in and around the Kansas City area

In my relatively short time as a blogger, I’ve often worried that my blog lags behind the beauty of so many others I’ve visited. After reading the post on the Hindsight Bride blog and the comments and opinions that followed, I’m worrying less.

What do you think? Does the letter writer have a point? Please share your thoughts.

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