Wedding Surprise: Groom & His Buddies Dance To One Direction

Wedding Reception Surprise Wedding Dance By Sunjay Mathews To One Direction Hit, "What Makes You Beautiful."

Not too many guys would ever admit to listening to the British boy band, One Direction. However, a Montreal groom, Sunjay Mathews, not only let it be known he liked their music, he got together a group of his friends and choreographed a special, surprise dance for his bride, Katie, at their August 25, 2012, wedding reception.

Mathews and four of his buddies performed their synchronized moves to the band’s hit single, “What Makes You Beautiful.” It all started off with Mathews pretending to give a speech, but then he cued the wedding DJ and the five men brought down the house at the wedding reception when they broke into their dance. They all may be grown men, but they’ve got some serious boy band moves.

The groom, who practiced with his four buddies every Sunday for a month, had thought about creating a dance to ‘N Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” or “Tearing Up My Heart,” but the One Direction song seemed to suit Katie best.

“She is gorgeous, but she is very humble and doesn’t even realize how stunning she really is,” Mathews told a news source.

Check out the YouTube video and let us know what you think. Was his surprise a hit or a miss?

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