VIDEO: Newlyweds Toss Bouquet & Garter From Human Slingshot

Bride & Groom Toss Bouquet And Garter With Human Slingshot

As a veteran, Kansas City Wedding Entertainment Director® and DJ who takes pride in helping newlyweds incorporate all sorts of fun, memorable, sometimes off-the-hook personal touches into their wedding receptions, I thought I’d seen it all. But when I stumbled across the YouTube video below, I realized just how wrong I was.

The video was posted by Colton Spencer, a wedding guest at Natasha and Jake Johnson’s July, 2013, wedding reception in Utah. When it came time for the bouquet and garter toss, the bride and groom did it while being launched from a human slingshot!

According to an email sent to HuffPost Weddings, Natasha  said that when the newlyweds realized that their wedding venue, Hobble Creek Lodge, had a human slingshot, they decided to do it with their wedding party the night before the wedding. Then, Natasha agreed to do it at their actual wedding, too.

Natasha added, “We originally wanted to rent a mechanical bull since that’s how we met, but my mom thought it was too white trash, so we went redneck style instead,” Natasha said. “Jake and I joked around about me doing the human slingshot in my wedding dress but I thought, ‘No way, it will ruin my dress.’ Well, I changed my mind the night before the wedding and said, ‘Why not!‘”

I’ve written in the past about how, when it comes to wedding receptionsthere are no rules as to which traditional formalities to include or the way they should be performed. It’s safe to say that Mr. & Mrs. Johnson took that concept not just to heart, but to the next level. Whether you agree or disagree with the way they went about their bouquet and garter toss, you have to admit they did it in a wild and extraordinarily memorable way.

Although you can’t hear music playing during the fun, I can’t help but wonder what bouquet toss song would have been the best pick for the moment.

Watch the video and let us know the craziest thing you’ve seen newlyweds do at a wedding ceremony or wedding reception in the comments! What bouquet toss song would you have chosen?

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