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Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment's Top 10 Wedding Themed Commercials

A funny, new wedding themed TV commercial for the Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone, where guests get into a fist fight at a wedding ceremony, got us thinking—“How many other wedding themed commercials are out there that make us laugh?” So, we assigned our crack staff of researchers the task of putting together a top 10 list of wedding themed commercials.

Surprisingly, that task was harder than you might think. Over the past 20 years or so, there have been dozens of commercials that use weddings as a vehicle to sell a variety of products from beer to real estate and cars to banking services. It was difficult to pick just 10 for our list. As a matter of fact, we actually came up with eleven because we couldn’t decide on which video should be number one. For that pick we turn to you, the reader, to help us decide which video should hold the coveted number one spot by voting in the comment section. But, don’t jump ahead before you enjoy our wedding themed runner-ups!


Top 10 Wedding Themed Commercials:

#10.) OK, so this wedding themed commercial for Cadillac has less to do with weddings than most of our other picks. But, the kid in you will make you say “Awesome!” as you watch what happens to a beautifully decorated, multi-tiered wedding cake under extreme heat. The lesson: Never, ever place your wedding cake under high wattage heat lamps!

#9.)  In this commercial with a wedding theme for Diet Dr. Pepper, a drill sergeant-like bride barks out wedding day instructions to her bridesmaids. The punch line comes in the final seconds of the ad as the bridesmaids get a little unanticipated revenge.

#8.) Wedding planning can drive some brides crazy…unless they have the right stationary for the invitations.

#7.) In this wedding themed Bud Light commercial you’ll learn there’s nothing more touching than the wedding day advice a daughter gets from her mom.

#6.) Ford’s Crazy Kevin wedding themed commercial for the 2011 Explorer features comedian, Kevin Hart, who arrives late for his brother’s wedding but explains how he used the car’s technology to finally get him there.

#5.) The last thing a bride & groom wants to think about on their wedding day is how they could lose everything. Fortunately, Carbonite Backup will prevent that from happening.

#4.) A groom faints at the altar because the thought of having to move in with his bride-to-be’s parents is too much to handle. Fortunately, one of the wedding guests happens to be a Century 21 real estate agent who can help the newlyweds find a starter home of their own.

#3.) Why is dad so sad? Because, for the same amount of money it cost for the wedding, he could have bought a new Volkswagen. What does the cost of the car have in common with the current, average cost of a wedding? They’re almost identical.

#2.) Who can forget this T-Mobile wedding themed commercial that featured a Royal Wedding Dance to top all wedding entrance dances? It was produced in celebration of the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17!

WE HAVE A TIE FOR FIRST PLACE! We couldn’t decide which of the following wedding themed commercials we liked the best. Watch the following videos and help us decide which should be number one by posting your pick in the comments!

Reader’s Pick! Should this video be #1?) Imagine waking up after a wild night on the town to discover you married George Clooney! Not a fake. Not a stand-in. The REAL George Clooney. This Norwegian bank commercial will make a lot of women wish they could be that lucky!

Reader’s Pick! Or, should this video be #1?) Wedding guests get into a fight at a wedding ceremony when they get in the way of each other while taking wedding photos and videos on their smart phones. The wedding mayhem is all in fun to show “why it’s time to switch to the Nokia Lumia 920.”


Bonus Video: We just thought this was a fun way to conclude our top 10 wedding themed commercial picks! Get a behind the scenes look at how director Roman Coppola created the mayhem for the Nokia Lumia 920.

Don’t forget to help us break the tie for the number one video in the comments. Have you seen another wedding themed video we should add to our picks? Post a link in the comments!

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