Starbucks, Courtship & Love. The Perfect Wedding Blend.

Starbucks Wedding I love visiting my neighborhood Starbucks. My sense of smell goes into overdrive when I walk through the door and am overcome with the heavenly aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Even my taste buds do a little dance when I step up to the counter to order my favorite drink, “I’ll have a grande, extra hot, no fat, no whip mocha, please.”

Often times, as I sit and sip on my caffeinated treat, I find myself glancing from table to table, taking in the other patrons seated around me. It’s not uncommon to see individuals engaged in business conversations or casual discussions.

But, every so often, my eyes will stumble across a man and woman who are obviously more interested in a higher purpose than just coffee and conversation. It’s quite evident from the way they look into each other’s eyes, their smiles, body language and happy demeanor that romance is in the air.

For Tulsa, OK, residents, Eva and Carmine Capparello, talking over coffee was the foundation of their relationship. They were introduced on a dating website in 2008, but had their first face-to-face meeting in 2010 over a cup of joe. From that moment, they enjoyed hours getting to know each other while enjoying coffee at their local Starbucks.

“We were friends. We would meet up for coffee, talk and talk for hours and hours over coffee,” Eva Capparello said. “We hung out like that until we just fell in love.”

So, when they finally decided to exchange “I do’s” on December 7, 2011, it was only fitting that Starbucks would become the backdrop to their wedding day festivities that also included a guest list of 50 friends and family.


The Tulsa Starbucks closed the store and served up a bridal party.

Despite the chilly weather, the bride arrived in a convertible, shared a dance underneath the stars with her father, and met her coffee companion down a make-shift aisle.

With Starbucks cups in hand, friends and family toasted the happy couple and wished their love to remain as strong as their beverages.

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