Silly Rabbit! Trix Is For…Wedding Cakes?

I’m a Kansas City wedding reception DJ with a massive sweet tooth and a love for wedding cakes.  Actually, keep the cake, just give me the icing.

Just when I thought I’d seen every type, size and flavor of wedding cake imaginable…along comes this delectable beauty made from Trix cereal. That’s right! Trix is no longer just for kids. This breakfast cereal has found its way into the adult world as a colorfully whimsical wedding cake. Who needs icing when an ample amount of sugary sweetness can be had without it?

Trix Wedding Cake

You can get the recipe for this fun wedding cake and a list of all of the ingredients needed…all the way down to the Fruit Roll-Up drapes, on the Betty Crocker Flickr page.

Just make sure to have plenty of milk on hand!

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