Happiest Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal On Earth

Valerie Albania & Jamin Love, Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal
Valerie Albania & Jamin Love, Disneyland Flash Mob Proposal. Photo via ocregister.com

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, Valerie Albania was enjoying a leisurely walk past the stores and restaurants in Downtown Disney, outside the gates of  The Happiest Place on EarthDisneyland in Anaheim, California. She was taking advantage of a day off from her nursing job with her boyfriend and a few close friends.

Her boyfriend, Jamin Love, was feeling anxious as they started to walk back to their car. His heart was beating rapidly as his palms began to sweat while he mentally rehearsed the plan to make Valerie one of the happiest girls on Earth.

In the courtyard of Downtown Disney, Jamin (pronounced jah-MEEN) and Valerie came to a stop as loud music unexpectantly began to play from a portable, amplified speaker, strategically placed in the middle of the courtyard. Two of their friends, twin girls, suddenly appeared in the center of the courtyard and began to dance in unison.

Then, more friends joined in…all dancing to Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

A confused Valerie watched as many of her friends, friends she and Jamin had danced with in years past as a part of a local dance crew, also joined in.

Jamin watched in pretend surprise as a crowd of hundreds of Disney guests quickly gathered to see what was going on.

Then, just over a minute into the song, he jumped to the front of the flash mob and led 11 other dancers through a joyfully choreographed dance routine.

It was his expression of happiness at the thought of spending the rest of his life with the woman he’s loved for more than five years – while proposing marriage to her in a very public way.

As the song came to an end, Jamin broke from the other dancers, reached into his camera bag and pulled out a one-carat, oval-cut diamond ring and bent down on one knee in full view of Valerie and the gathered crowd of friends and strangers.

The astonished and ecstatic reaction of Valerie, created a happily ever after ending to this fantastical story. But, to fully appreciate every emotional moment, check out the video captured of this magical, Disney flash mob marriage proposal.

Even if you’re not a Disney “geek”, its safe to say that Jamin’s marriage proposal raises the bar for other guys. What do you think?

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