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TJ & Stacy Hackler share their first dance together as husband & wife!

A special part of any Kansas City wedding reception is the wedding first dance that the newlyweds share as man and wife. When compared to the other traditional formalities of the evening, the first dance is the one that can create a memory that will stand the test of time.

As a wedding DJ, the wedding first dance is also my favorite part of the wedding reception because the bride and groom are given the opportunity to share in a personal moment that is exclusive to the two of them. After hours spent with the wedding party, taking photos, and visiting with hundreds of family and friends, the first dance allows the bride & groom to focus solely on each other—if even for just a few minutes.

One of my past brides told me that the first dance was the time she and her husband were finally able to catch their breath and “take it all in.” A wedding day can feel hurried. “While we were dancing,” the bride continued, “it was like we were able to slow the hands of time. ”

Because it is performed at wedding receptions in Kansas City and practically every other region of the country, you might wonder— what is the history behind the wedding first dance? How did it become a traditional part of a wedding reception?

The first dance was originally (perhaps dating as far back as the 17th century) a tradition at balls that were held by wealthy families. It was custom for the guests of honor or the hosts to have the first dance of the evening. Once the first dance had been completed, everyone was invited to shake their corsets and powdered wigs on the dance floor. As it is with so many wedding traditions, this social norm of old was eventually translated to weddings.

Today, the bride and groom typically perform the first dance at a wedding reception, signifying the beginning of the party portion of the celebration before the guests are invited to dance the night away.

So there you have it. What began as a tradition of etiquette has been transformed into an unforgettable moment for the bride and groom to share as one.

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