5 Over The Top & Quite Unusual Wedding Venues And Locations

Roller Coaster Wedding

From outlandish photos of the wedding party being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex to an underwater wedding or a honeymoon in a tree house, every bride looks for ways to make her day to be special and unique. You may not have the wedding budget for an out-of-this-world ceremony, but there are some over-the-top & quite unusual wedding venues and locations that most definitely set themselves apart from the traditional Kansas City wedding locale— and depending on your personality and style could make for some fun one-of-a-kind memories and great photos. Here are five that you might enjoy!


Married on Campus

If you’re in love but you simply can’t afford to take time off from your post-graduate program, then maybe you don’t have to. A couple of San Diego MBA students at Alliant International University had an on-campus wedding in order to give back to the university where they first met. The setting is unconventional, to be sure, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. For a unique and affordable save-the-date card, use a postcard printing service to send personalized postcards of your collegiate venue. The university grounds hold more emotional meaning for the couple than any church might, and it offers easy access to invited friends and alumni.


Weddings at the Donut Shop

If you’re more of a donut lover than a cake eater, Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon offers a full wedding right on their normal menu. The Legal Voodoo Wedding includes everything you need from full donut and coffee catering for up to 24 guests, with a 700 square foot chapel and parking, all for $200 even, plus tax. Sounds like the kind of thing that wouldn’t get many takers, right? Well, Voodoo Doughnut has actually helped bring together more than 300 happy couples. Some people just really love donuts.

Roller Coaster Weddings

It’s the perfect metaphor for the ups and downs of a long and winding relationship. Roller coaster weddings are an older tradition and still going strong. The truth is that a traditional wedding can be a bit of a somber affair, so it’s not surprising that some choose to spice things up by adding a high-speed thrill ride to the mix. Not all theme parks support roller coaster weddings for insurance reasons, but if you can find one in your area that’s open to the idea, then it’s sure to be a wedding that will, at the very least, create great photos and video.


Hong Kong may be home to the only McDonald’s that has added wedding packages to its menu but a few couples in the United States are turning fast food into wedding cuisine , as well.  But if Big Macs don’t satisfy your palette, brides and grooms-to-be have also hosted their wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions at other fast food favorites like Taco Bell, White Castle, KFC, Dairy Queen and, well, you get the idea. As a bonus, a good number of these picks have playgrounds for the children of your guests. Of course, if you want everyone to be able to sit together and not have to wait in line to order, it would be a good idea to see if they allow phone ahead ordering.

A Titanic Wedding

This unique wedding location is both really cool (no pun intended!) and extremely creepy! Couples can now celebrate their big day in “turn-of-the-century” splendor a short distance away from Kansas City in Branson, Missouri, at the World’s Largest Titanic Museum Attraction. Titanic promises an experience of pure romance, beauty and elegance where magnificent excess lives again as the bride and groom take their vows standing on the Grand Staircase or at the water’s edge. The Titanic museum wedding packages also include an Ordained Titanic Captain to perform the ceremony and over 400 priceless artifacts along with historic treasures that allows each visitor to encounter personal heroic and romantic stories of its passengers.

Even though there are no rules when it comes to how or where you host your wedding, coming up with a way to set your wedding apart from the others isn’t just about being different for the sake of being different. Whether you want to remedy the traditional wedding with a really great band, unique and exotic foods, awesome Kansas City wedding DJ entertainment or a great new theme, it’s all about following your bliss.

So what was the must unusual wedding location where you’ve been invited to witness a couple say “I do?” Please leave a comment below!

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