Wedding Entertainment Director: A New Breed Of Wedding DJ

Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment Director Certificate

Wedding Entertainment Directors® are quickly becoming the favorite choice of Brides and Grooms who want their guests to laugh, enjoy themselves, and have an unforgettably fun wedding reception! As a certified, WED®, and member of the WED Guild® Board of Advisors, I know, however, that this new distinction and brand of wedding DJ entertainment may still be unfamiliar to some.

What follows is a brief description of what a Wedding Entertainment Director® is and how Brides and Grooms greatly benefit from their brand of wedding DJ expertise.

What Is A Wedding Entertainment Director®?

WED Guild Logo 2013 Ron Ruth Wedding EntertainmentThe WED Guild® was founded in 2007 and is home to Wedding Entertainment Directors® , an elite group of highly trained, entertainment professionals who are not only exceedingly creative and extraordinarily talented, they are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality service and performance for their clients.

Although any DJ may apply for membership to the WED Guild®, applicants only earn the title of Wedding Entertainment Director® after passing a rigorous application process verifying the caliber of services they provide.

All Wedding Entertainment Directors® have been:

•  Endorsed by former clientele and wedding professionals in their market.
•  Sponsored by a current WED Guild® member
•  Tested on professionalism, knowledge and performance expertise by a panel of their peers.

The WED Guild® application is extremely thorough. In the most general terms, however, a DJs application to become a Wedding Entertainment Director™ is only considered after demonstrating:

•  A minimum of 5 years of wedding entertainment experience or 200 wedding performances.
•  A personal performance guarantee.
•  Dedication to ongoing education as a means of continued improvement.
•  Commitment to exceeding the expectations of the Brides & Grooms they serve.
•  Exceptional skill in 7 essential areas of service and performance.

Comprehensive Personalization   / Creative Involvement   /   Quality Amplification
Talented Spokesperson   /   Music Programming
Appropriate Presentation   /   Event Direction


How Do Brides & Grooms Benefit From The Services Of A Wedding Entertainment Director®?

•  The WED Guild’s® non-negotiable application process assures Brides and Grooms consistency in every Wedding Entertainment Director’s® knowledge, talent, creativity and performance.
•  Engaged couples who choose a certified, WED® as their creative partner do so with confidence knowing that their wedding reception will  be well planned, organized, entertaining and in the most capable hands.
•  Each celebration is designed to match the couple’s individual vision, assuring them a personal,  emotionally engaging and unforgettably fun wedding reception.

These are just a few of the invaluable benefits Brides and Grooms enjoy when collaborating with a certified, Wedding Entertainment Director®. Additional details and benefits can be found on the Wedding Entertainment Director® website.

Discover  first-hand how a Wedding Entertainment Director® can help you celebrate your happiness. Request a no-obligation consultation. We’ll talk about you and how, together, we can bring your idea of the ideal wedding reception to life.

Others may lay claim to being a “Wedding Entertainment Director®” by using the title in their marketing materials and on their web sites, but if they are not currently listed among WED Guildmembers, they have not truly earned the title for themselves.

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